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Org Chart

Curated resources to help you understand and leverage org charts.


Why It’s Time to Stop Building Your Org Charts in PowerPoint

Building an org chart template doesn’t have to be a hassle. Software can save you time to focus on what matters most: making informed business decisions.

5 Features to Consider When Buying Org Chart Software

Shopping for org chart software doesn’t have to be a hassle. Look for a solution that’s intuitive, easy to use, and designed with you in mind.

Organizational Structure Types You Should Know (and Why They Matter)

Organizational structure types define the hierarchies of a company. Learn about these common structure types and how they can benefit your business.

6 Advantages (and Disadvantages) of a Matrix Organizational Structure

Matrix org structures come with advantages and disadvantages. Here's tips on how to play up the benefits and overcome the shortcomings.

How to Redesign Your Organizational Structure After an Acquisition

Acquisitions present exciting growth opportunities - if they're handled correctly. Approaching your organizational redesign with people and systems in mind can help drive success.

How Remy Cointreau Uses ChartHop to Unleash HR's Strategic Power

Discover how ChartHop helped Rémy Cointreau save time on manual org chart updates, empower HR and team leaders to proactively plan for workforce changes, and introduce a more intentional hiring plan.

What is an org chart (and why do you need org chart software)?

Especially in distributed workforces, context and clarity empower your employees to do their best work. Here’s how org chart software can help.

Flat is not a value: How a clear org structure unlocked growth at Wistia

Chris Savage, CEO @ Wistia, discusses how top startups don’t thrive because they’re flat. It’s because they have a clear org structure.

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