Introducing ChartHop HRIS: The HRIS Your Whole Company Will ❤️

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The best resources to help you become a better People manager and ChartHop user.


How Truework Saves Time and Builds Trust with ChartHop

Discover how Truework consolidated their people data to save time, increase transparency, and improve processes with ChartHop.

See What People are Saying About ChartHop's Customer Experience Team

Think of your ChartHop Customer Experience team as an extension of your own. With knowledgable and experienced Customer Success Managers, Implementation Specialists, and Support Engineers, ChartHop makes sure you'll never have to rely on expensive or lengthy outside technical experience.

Why Fund That Flip Consolidated Their HR Stack with ChartHop

Looking to centralize their people data and reporting functionality, but hesitant to onboard a totally new HRIS, Fund That Flip found themselves in a predicament typical of growing organizations.

How to Evaluate and Improve Your Onboarding Strategy

Onboarding is critical for any organization, as a well-planned onboarding day can set the tone for a successful tenure with the company.

What is a People Strategy, and How Do You Create a Successful One?

We also know that having a defined people strategy isn’t just an obligation, but an absolute necessity in our fast-paced and competitive environment. Learn how to build one here.

Assessing Your Company’s Organizational Health: The 6 Essential Elements

Is your organizational healthy? Read our 6 key elements of organizational health, as well as tips on how to improve each aspect to create a stronger company and employee experience.

How do you ChartHop?

In this Solution Session, you'll hear from ChartHop customers who have truly made ChartHop their own. From custom reports to tailored goal tracking and performance reviews, People leaders Jaclyn Swergold and Kim Mason leverage ChartHop to capture more data, surface deeper insights, and streamline their operations.

Unlock the Power of People Operations with a Process Improvement Framework

The People Ops team at Tarabut Gateways transformed their decision making process using a framework. Read how they did it and the 4 benefits they saw.

Organizational Health: What It Is and How to Assess Yours

Organizations with strong organizational health are able to move quickly, assess risks, and make decisions that lead to growth, innovation and increased profits. Are you consistently assessing yours? Learn more here.

The CFO's Guide to Efficient Workforce Planning

This guide will breakdown how people data and operations can be your secret weapon to strategic workforce planning, ensuring you have the right people in place to achieve your business’ goals.

Why Skills Mapping is a Must-Have in Uncertain Times

Knowing your people's skills can help your company prepare for any challenges it faces, as well as recover and rebuild for a stronger tomorrow.

Financial Statements Workbook: Essential Questions to Uncover Inefficiencies and Boost Profitability

Go through the questions in this workbook to spot gaps and identify areas to save money in unexpected areas.

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Maximize the Value of Your People Data: Best HRIS Examples for Different Needs

Every company needs an HRIS. But what that HRIS looks like and how your team structures processes around it will change as your company needs evolve over time.

Choosing the Best HRIS for Your Company

What exactly do you need to know to choose the best HRIS for your company? There’s no one right answer for everyone, as which platform is right for each team depends on several factors. Here’s what to consider as you start your search.

8 Functions of an HRIS: How Can They Help Your Organization?

How can an HRIS streamline your organizational practices? Learn the key functions of HRIS and which may be most important for your company.

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