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Announcing our Series A and vision for the future

Aug 26, 2020| Reading time: 4min

BY Ian White

Founder, CEO, and CTO

Earlier this year, ChartHop came out of stealth and we shared our plans to bring organizational management into the 21st century.

I described to you our vision for building the best people software on the planet which would bring strategic, streamlined, data-driven decision-making to organizational management — a side of business that has been technology deficient for decades.

Since that day, the world has completely changed. COVID-19 forced us all to rapidly and radically reimagine the way we work and plan for the future, while nation-wide protests for racial equality were a wake up call for organizations about how we think about diversity, equality and inclusion.

Today, as we announce our $14 million Series A financing led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), I’m seeing that organizations are experiencing the need for our product more acutely now than ever before.

Technology has historically failed people leaders, but 2020 thrust the shortcomings of existing people management practices into the spotlight. To meet the challenges of today, business leaders and managers need customizable software that empowers them to understand the makeup of their organizations, both past and present, so that they can chart a sustainable and effective path forward.

They need a tool that will help them quickly adjust business plans, scale and grow, and maintain an engaged workforce while remote.

And, in the pursuit of greater equity and inclusion, they need a solution that allows them to visualize team composition, compensation, new hires, performance reviews, and more, across any dimension, such as gender, race/ethnicity, veteran status, and sexual orientation.

At ChartHop, we believe having the tools to track diversity numbers from day one will enable organizations to intentionally build diverse teams and make equitable organizational decisions from the start. That’s why we are also announcing our new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) reporting offering, which will now be a part of ChartHop Build, our base package, for all customers.

New ChartHop Build offering with DEI

In a time of massive change, ChartHop has been able to grow and thrive. We’ve continued to build our product and add to our talented team, and we stand ready to empower business leaders everywhere during a time when they need it most.

We are joined in our optimism by more than 40 founders and C-level executives who have personally invested in ChartHop, including Shannon Brayton, former CMO of LinkedIn, Frederic Kerrest, COO and co-founder of Okta, Cheryl Dalrymple, CPO at Confluent, Scott Belsky, founder of Behance and CPO at Adobe, Clark Valberg, CEO and co-founder of InVision, David Politis, CEO at BetterCloud and Claire Johnson, COO at Stripe.

This round of funding was also made possible with participation from new and existing investors including Abstract Ventures, Basement Fund, CoFound Partners, Company Ventures, Cowboy Ventures, the a16z Cultural Leadership Fund, Flybridge Capital, Ride Ventures, SemperVirens, Shrug Capital, the Todd and Rahul Angel Fund, Tokyo Black, and Work Life Ventures. Their belief in ChartHop is a testament to the essential nature of the service we offer.

ChartHop Investors

I am overwhelmed by the gratitude I feel for everyone who is taking this journey with us, from investors and partners to team members and especially our customers, the leaders we’re working every day to empower. We’re committed to listening to your requests, ideas, fixes and helping you be great.

And if you feel that you’d like to join us in bringing organizational management into the future, be it as a customer or employee, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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