Introducing ChartHop HRIS: The HRIS Your Whole Company Will ❤️

Reintroducing ChartHop: The People Operations Platform

Mar 27, 2023| Reading time: 3min

BY Ian White

Founder, CEO, and CTO

Today, I am thrilled to announce the next iteration in ChartHop’s evolution, reintroducing ChartHop as a People Operations Platform! 

Why People Operations Platform and why now?

So much has changed in the past few years. People leaders, in close partnership with Finance leaders, are increasingly committed to modernizing the traditional People function. More organizations are moving to an employee-first model, embracing flexible work structures, focusing on internal talent mobility, and upleveling mental health and belonging efforts. These challenges require a modern, forward-thinking HR: People Operations. 

The modern People team is People Operations. It’s the new HR, but more people-first and data-driven than ever before. People Operations does everything that HR has always been responsible for, like compliance and policy, but also supports the employee experience and journey, and uses insights and data to empower decision-making. 

And today’s People leaders need a single platform to act as the main point of action for the programs, processes, and initiatives that drive these new efforts. That’s ChartHop: the People Operations Platform.

But People leaders aren’t the only ones who are evolving; many different functions and roles are changing. That’s why ChartHop is built for Finance leaders, executives, managers, and employees. People Operations is for everyone.

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What this means for our customers and what’s next?

For our customers, this means the same great ChartHop platform, but even stronger and broader. We’re laser-focused on understanding the needs of modern People and Finance leaders, driving insights, alignment, and action across the entire organization. We’ll empower leaders to consolidate their tech stack, get on the same page, and leave spreadsheets and pivot tables behind.

We’re excited to help play a part in building a platform for the new generation of People Operations and to build the future together.

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