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The Story Behind ChartHop’s New Look

May 4, 2022

BY Diana Kucer

Chief Marketing Officer

If you’ve seen ChartHop around before, you’ll notice quite a difference from today onwards. After months of effort and excitement, I’m proud to finally reveal what our team has developed to represent ChartHop.

animated ChartHop logo

Introducing ChartHop’s New Look and Feel: The Same Company You Know and Love, Now with Some Added Oomph

First, let’s be clear that while ChartHop might look different, nothing about our platform or what we stand for has changed. Well, except for the not-so-minor detail that we’ve also released ChartHop Basic, which allows users to get started in minutes by syncing directly with their payroll systems or importing data via a spreadsheet – totally free for the first 150 employees. But you can read more on that here.

So back to the question at hand: why does a two-year-old company rebrand? 

Quite simply, it’s because we’ve grown at such a remarkable rate and learned so much about ourselves and the market in which we operate, that we now have a better sense of identity – and we want to ensure our brand reflects that.

Our new brand represents ChartHop’s growth and maturity, as well as everything that lies ahead of us. And we now have a much clearer view of what exactly that is than we did when we developed our original branding two years ago. 

We decided that now was the right time to make this shift to ensure our brand matches where we are as a company today, especially given all the momentum we’ve had recently – including our recent acquisition of Gather to help deepen our focus on employee experience and today’s launch of ChartHop Basic. 

The Backstory: How and Why We Arrived at the New ChartHop

At this point in our growth, we feel confident in our ability to help organizations increase transparency and better support and manage their people. And we wanted that confidence to shine through in everything we do, including our branding.

As our team sat down and started to think about what ChartHop stands for, several key personality traits came to mind. In fact, our team spent a lot of time thinking about what ChartHop embodies, and three traits in particular came up time and again: approachable, bold, and transparent. We knew our brand – everything from how we look to how we sound – would need to reflect those qualities, and that set into motion across all of our efforts.

To start, we decided to keep the bunny as part of our logo. While it looks a bit different now, the bunny was part of our initial founding and we still felt attached to it as part of ChartHop’s identity. Additionally, we felt the bunny embodied the idea of approachability, and while we explored a lot of iterations on what the ChartHop bunny could look like, we landed on one that we believe feels friendly and welcoming. It even winks!


Next, we landed on purple as our primary color. It felt bold and different, just like ChartHop. We’re building something different in the market and offering a new way of working, and we believe our choice of purple stands out in the sea of options. It reflects our approach to changing how HR technology is built and incorporated into the fabric of successful companies.

Finally, we rounded out the new ChartHop brand with decisions around complementary colors, images, and graphics. As a transparent, people-first company, we knew immediately that we wanted all of these elements to feel human. We thought deeply about how to bring in people of all kinds to cement the idea that ChartHop is a company for People people to, well, better support their people. You’ll see that sentiment reflected in all of our designs.

ChartHop photos

Putting together all of these elements, we immediately saw ChartHop leap off the screens in front of us. We saw more than just the brand we know we are today – we saw a brand that can grow with us as we plan for even more incredible milestones in the future.

New Look, New Growth: ChartHop is Ready for What’s Next

After months of effort behind the scenes, we’re beyond excited to finally release the new ChartHop brand to the world. But the truth is, our work has only just begun.

We’re gearing up for even more tremendous growth over the next year and beyond, and we now have the right branding to match these goals. We can’t wait for what else is in store, and we hope you’ll join us in this exciting journey forward.

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