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Onboarding Checklist

Jul 11, 2021| Reading time: 2min

BY Alex Hilleary

Principal Content Marketing Manager

Onboarding is one of the most important experiences in the employee journey. Setting up a basic onboarding process right away will help with integration, retention, and performance. Here’s how to go about it.



Define who will be a part of the onboarding process to create the best new hire experience:

  • Hiring Manager
  • Onboarding Buddy
  • People Ops Manager

Before launching onboarding program

  • Divide onboarding responsibilities between the Manager, Onboarding Buddy, and other stakeholders
  • Create a source-of-truth for your company’s most important information in an easy-to-access place (Intranet, G-Drive, Notion, Confluence). Things to include:
  • Office info: wi-fi password, address, contact information
  • Handbook: Benefits, Perks, PTO policy, holiday policy, and company values
  • Create message templates you’ll use often during this process:
  • Welcome message
  • Slack introduction
  • New hire introduction message to share with your team for New Hire’s first day


Before start date

Manager tasks

  • Send welcome email after offer letter is sign
  • Create a 30/60/90 Day Plan

People Ops Manager tasks

  • Send What to expect on Day 1 email
  • Create employee file and add to payroll system
  • Add to recurring team and company meetings
  • Schedule out new hire’s first week

IT tasks

  • Create email account
  • Set up and ship laptop
  • Add to email groups
  • Add to shared calendars
  • Create all other necessary accounts

On Day 1

Manager tasks

  • Introduce the New Hire to the company
  • Introduce New Hire to their Onboarding Buddy

New Hire tasks

  • Setup laptop
  • Log in to all systems
  • Create employee profile
  • Review employee handbook and policies

Week 1

People Ops Manager tasks

  • Host trainings to give context on the company and all the teams
  • Collect week one feedback

New Hire tasks

  • Review 30/60/90 Day Plan and set 90 day onboarding goals with Manager

First 90 days

People Operations tasks

  • Collect onboarding process feedback

New Hire tasks

  • Review 90-day onboarding goals

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