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February 2022 Product Updates: Headcount Planning

Feb 15, 2022| Reading time: 4min

BY Olivia Berger

Principal Product Marketing Manager

The headcount planning and hiring process often involves disparate systems, insecure spreadsheets passed between multiple stakeholders across an organization, and many extra hours spent manually tracking data. ChartHop and Jobvite have partnered to unify headcount planning and hiring into one integrated workflow, arming companies with the tools they need to navigate the multifaceted nature of workforce planning. By integrating ChartHop with Jobvite’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS), people leaders, managers and finance teams can feel good about the hiring plans they’ve put forth, and then efficiently put those plans into action.

Whether companies are tackling annual headcount plans, extreme growth and hiring or a restructure, having a single source of truth for your people data helps save time, minimize errors and improve overall alignment around workforce planning.

Building your hiring plan with ChartHop

When it comes to building your headcount plans, filters in ChartHop make it simple for hiring managers to view information like employee tenure, performance ratings, compensation, number of direct reports, and more. Having this historical data at your fingertips enables you to more easily spot gaps in your workforce.

Users can model changes in a visual sandbox environment without making any official changes to the org chart. Collaboration across hiring managers is simple: provide access to only those who should have it, and ask them to comment or propose changes. Once managers have aligned on a headcount plan, they can share that plan with the broader HR and Finance teams for final approval before it gets merged to the primary plan.

Implementation Team Scenarios

Acting on your hiring plan

Once your hiring plans have been agreed upon internally, you can set each open role to either “Active” or “Inactive” status depending on whether you’re ready to start recruiting. Any role that’s set to “Active” status will automatically open up requisitions in Jobvite so your recruiting team can get started right away. HR leaders can go one step further and mark the hiring priority of each active role to help manage recruiting capacity.

Hiring Priority

Report on recruiting data

Once your open roles have been active for some time, you will get visibility into the Jobvite recruiting data for each role and in aggregate, and visualize that data through ChartHop’s dynamic reporting capabilities. Reporting dashboards enable hiring managers and HR teams to create alignment across teams around open roles, candidates and offers, and look more granularly at department, location, compensation and more.

Open Jobs Report

Keep your org chart up-to-date with every new hire

Once an open role is accepted and closed in Jobvite, automatically bring that new hire information into your live org chart in ChartHop.

Org Chart

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about ChartHop and our integration with Jobvite, check out our website or reach out to [email protected]

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