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Introducing ChartHop’s new UI

Mar 25, 2021| Reading time: 4min

BY ChartHop

People data is only as useful as it is accessible and actionable.

At its core, ChartHop is a platform that gives everyone at your organization — from CEO to summer intern — deeper clarity and understanding into their colleagues, their organization, and how work gets done. Legacy HR and People platforms are built to store your data, but ChartHop helps transform your data into insight — for all employees. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re redesigning ChartHop’s UI to have a cleaner and more colorful aesthetic. This joyful new design will give teams a new way to visualize, analyze, and understand their people. 

Our customers already see that 25% – 50% of their entire employee base logs into ChartHop every single week (engagement rates that are unheard of for HR software!).

That’s why it’s so important for us to invest in initiatives that support the employee experience. Users will first notice changes to our org chart and navigation bar, with other UI updates happening over the next couple of months.

Here’s what you need to know about these new and exciting changes. 

Data for everyone

For data to be actionable, it needs to tell a story. 

Clean product design coupled with strategic use of color can help build a narrative driven by your People Data. A clear visualization can take your plan from “pie-in-the-sky” to a concrete vision and actionable next steps. 

ChartHop org chart navigation

The new org chart design, available in the main org chart page as well as in scenarios, removes clutter around the data and directs the eye to the most valuable insights.

Note that while the look and feel will be new, the core functionality will remain the same

Navigation Bar 2.0

Aside from the org chart, one of the more significant changes users will notice right away is the new vertical Navigation Bar. 

Vertical navigation bars maximize real-estate on modern device screens. This gives users more horizontal space to play with while protecting valuable vertical space for data displays. 

ChartHop Navigation Bar new UI

The vertical Navigation Bar thrives in responsive design layouts, so you can navigate with ease regardless of what screen size you’re working from. 

We’ve also updated icons to be more representative of the different ChartHop capabilities. This helps direct users to the platform functions they rely on most.   

Putting Customer Experience first

Feedback is a gift. And we are so grateful to every single one of you who have provided feedback along this journey. 

This is just the beginning of improvements to the UI that will drive faster and more strategic insights and action — and spark joy in the process.

Over the next couple of months, the platform will be under construction. New updates to Customer’s favorite features like the Map, Data Sheet, Reports, Scenarios and more will roll out every 2-4 weeks until the project is completed in late June.  

ChartHop construction bunny

Not ready to switch over yet?

Account owners have an option to return to the classic look via a banner at the top of the org chart page. You can also reach out to [email protected] and they can switch it back for you.

ChartHop Return to Classic Org Chart Banner

Thank you to everyone who has offered their valuable feedback. We are so hoppy to be growing our product with you. 

Users can also see the update on maps.

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