Introducing ChartHop HRIS: The HRIS Your Whole Company Will ❤️

Customer Stories

ChartHop is proud to partner with some of the best companies in the world. See how organizations like Plaid, BetterCloud and MongoDB are using ChartHop today.


How Zip Streamlined Compensation Reviews with ChartHop

Discover how Zip automated compensation cycles, improved visibility and collaboration, and brought context to compensation decisions with ChartHop.

How Altruist Delivered a Totally Rewarding Comp Review with ChartHop

Discover how Altruist made more fair and equitable compensation decisions, empowered managers to participate in the comp review process, and easily controlled access to sensitive data with ChartHop.

How Movable Ink Simplified Performance Management with ChartHop

Discover how Movable Ink brought people data together in a source of truth, streamlined performance reviews, and improved HR tech adoption with ChartHop.

How Truework Saves Time and Builds Trust with ChartHop

Discover how Truework consolidated their people data to save time, increase transparency, and improve processes with ChartHop.

How Upright Consolidates HR Tools into a Single Source of Truth with ChartHop

Discover how Upright has been able to consolidate their tech stack and empower managers to better support their employees with ChartHop.

How one insurance tech company saved money while scaling headcount 10x with ChartHop

Discover how one insurance tech company used ChartHop to bring transparency and clarity to the headcount planning process.

How Headspace Health Used ChartHop to Maintain Data Integrity Through a Merger

Discover how Headspace Health used ChartHop to better leverage their people data to make meaningful and data-driven decisions to advance the business.

How Wistia Saves Time and Money on People Ops with ChartHop

Discover how ChartHop helped Wista consolidate their headcount planning, align with Finance, and eliminate manual tasks—all in one place.

How Teams Across YipitData Are Collaborating Better and More Efficiently With ChartHop

Discover how YipitData streamlined collaboration between People, Recruiting, and FP&A teams with ChartHop.

How BetterCloud Engages Employees and Brings Transparency to Compensation Planning with ChartHop

BetterCloud embarked on a quest to find a system that would show the company directory to all employees to better prepare them to connect with a growing team and also to support the semi-annual compensation planning process. Enter ChartHop.

How Haven Technologies Centralized People Data to Provide Transparency for All

Discover how Haven Technologies helps their people better understand and connect with each other through easier access to information with ChartHop.

How Plaid Improved Org Planning and Collaboration During Massive Scale with ChartHop

Discover how Plaid moved their org planning process out of spreadsheets and into ChartHop's secure, intuitive, and visual platform.

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