How Movable Ink Simplified performance-management with ChartHop

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Discover how ChartHop helped Movable Ink:

  • Make it easy for everyone from employees to managers to the People team to see relevant employee data in a single place.
  • Configure a performance review process to the company’s exact needs, eliminating headaches around spreadsheets, permissioning, and more.
  • Improve HR tech adoption with one, easy-to-use solution for all things HR, so people always know where to go and what to do for core people processes.

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When the pandemic hit, Movable Ink went from having everyone in person in offices across their footprint to being geographically dispersed across the country. With this change in culture, the People team began looking for a solution that would give everyone a place to see their coworkers and learn basic information about them. They found all that and more in ChartHop.

Putting Information at Everyone’s Fingertips

Movable Ink first started using ChartHop to connect data across systems and make it easy for everyone in the organization to learn about their teammates.

For example, ChartHop’s Org Chart, Map, and Profile features allowed the Movable Ink team to find information like who works in Colorado or who’s located near the San Francisco office. It also made it possible for managers to see everything about their teams in a single place, which was a huge win according to Kevin Brock, Associate Director of People Operations at Movable Ink.

“People just love the ability to see everything all in one place, and ChartHop does that. I can see how long my direct report has worked here. I can see their performance history and salary—all of which can be helpful on a day-to-day as well as in advance of compensation cycles,” he explains.

Along the way, the team started using ChartHop in more and more ways, including reporting for the FP&A team, compliance surveys for the People and Legal teams, and, most recently, performance reviews and goal setting.

Raising the Bar on Performance Reviews

Moving performance reviews to ChartHop was an easy decision for the Movable Ink team. Kevin shares that beyond the fact that his team wasn’t thrilled with their previous setup, they immediately saw how ChartHop could work for them once they saw a demo of the Performance module.

“I knew right away ChartHop would be a highly configurable solution for us, which is what we were after. We wanted something that would enable us to do exactly what we wanted to do, display information exactly how we wanted to see it, and show that information to whom we wanted to see it, and between the forms within ChartHop and the permissions that you can assign to different things, it met all of our needs there,” Kevin says.

Now, Movable Ink has the process set up exactly to their needs: First, they kick off with self reviews, which Kevin says is far easier than what he’s seen in other solutions because of how the form is laid out. Next, they collect peer and upward feedback, which then gets released to managers so they can take that into consideration while writing their reviews. At the end of the process, employees receive their reviews and fill out an acknowledgement form indicating receipt.

“Overall, the process is super smooth and really, really user friendly,” Kevin shares. “Things flow together so easily from step to step, and everything gets put into one place for managers to see and refer back to as they give feedback to their team members. Plus, having the ability to add that compliance step at the end without using Docusign or PDFs is a huge win.”

The biggest improvement? Without a doubt it’s the ability to see everything in one place, according to Kevin.

“We previously had all this information that went into a system and then I had to do manual work to bring it together, but with ChartHop you don’t need to do that. Now, a manager can just click a link and see their entire team, whether that’s three or 50 people, all in one place – who they are, their ratings, comments on their performance from their managers. And you don’t have to export it. You don’t have to worry about where you save it and who can see it. There’s none of that concern. It’s all just one screen that’s super easy to use.”

A System People Actually Want to Use

Along the way, one unexpected benefit Movable Ink found was ChartHop’s ease of use. As Kevin shares, when they first introduced goal setting in ChartHop, they simply told people where to go and what to click, and they didn’t get any questions in return – people just went in and did it.

“The first time we did goal setting in ChartHop, we did less training and less hand holding than we typically do for this type of thing, and it went off without a hitch. It just went really, really smoothly, it was actually kind of amazing,” Kevin adds.

He attributes ChartHop’s ease of use not only to it being such a visual and intuitive solution, but also to having everything in one place, which means people end up using it more often.

Kevin explains: “We have a tendency to have a lot of systems and a lot of different avenues for various things. Having one solution for all people matters has been really popular. Now people don’t have to go into Greenhouse to see open jobs or ADP to see their direct reports’ salaries or some tertiary talent management software to see the last three performance ratings for somebody. It’s all right there in ChartHop.”

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