How Truework Saves Time and Builds Trust with ChartHop

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Discover how ChartHop helped Truework:

  • Consolidate people data into a single place to reduce time spent on reporting by hours each week.
  • Empower every employee to easily view their personal data and the org chart from a single, easy-to-use platform.
  • Simplify collaboration between the People team and managers for more informed and efficient workforce planning.

Truework is on a mission to create trust with every financial transaction by providing a one-stop, customizable platform for income and employment verification that is more efficient, accurate, and secure.

With transparency and security at the heart of Truework’s mission, the company’s People team needed a platform that could match their values. That’s when the team found ChartHop.

Finding the One-Stop-Shop for All Things People Operations

According to Jelena Tomasevic, who does HR Operations at Truework, life before ChartHop was, well… scattered.

Jelena is responsible for running internal HR systems and databases to review, approve, and modify budgets and to monitor HR metrics. She also consults with managers regarding policies, supports benefits and payroll, and keeps everything in place on the backend. Just call her an HR superhero.

“I used to have to work with different systems to get all the information I needed because none of them synced with one another. Not having everything in one place was very difficult and it was time consuming to get what I needed,” Jelena explains.

Knowing there had to be a better way, the Truework team began to look for a solution to bring everything together, and that’s when they found ChartHop’s People Operations Platform. Much like how Truework’s own platform provides a one-stop solution for its users, ChartHop delivered a single source of truth for all of Truework’s people data and operations.

“We wanted everything in one place and ChartHop gives us exactly that. ChartHop helps us easily see headcount plans and scenarios for new open roles, allows everyone to see the org chart, and provides a single place to view data like tenure, base and variable pay, and equity,” Jelena shares.

Time Saved is Time Earned – for the Entire Truework Team

When Truework first started with ChartHop, their People team saw immediate value. For example, Jelena has saved several hours per week that she previously spent collecting information and accessing different systems. Now, she can easily access it all in one place with ChartHop, and reporting has become a breeze.

“I compile monthly and quarterly reports for our management team so we can track progress toward certain goals like headcount, retention, and diversity in management. With ChartHop I can just filter and access the information I need in about 10 seconds,” Jelena says. “ChartHop is the best for reporting.”

Based on their initial positive experience, the People team decided to share ChartHop with everyone at Truework.

ChartHop for Employees

Now, all Truework employees can access ChartHop to view the company’s org chart and keep track of information like their tenure, base and variable pay, and equity since all of that data gets synced from ADP and Carta.

“Having everything in one place is a big benefit for our team. Now, employees can just jump into ChartHop and see everything there rather than having to access different systems for different pieces of information. Our employees love how easy ChartHop is to access and use,” Jelena adds.

ChartHop for Managers

And ChartHop has saved even more time for managers and the People team when it comes to workforce planning. Previously, managers would use Slack to communicate changes to their team with Jelena and ask her to implement them. Jelena would typically need to ask several follow up questions to get information that was missing, and the ad hoc nature often led to miscommunications. It quickly became overwhelming.

Now, with ChartHop, managers can simply create a Scenario for their team and submit it for approval. This not only keeps everything in one place, but it also ensures managers think through important details like potential role, title, and reporting changes as team members move around in the organization. In turn, ChartHop has made opening new roles a much more seamless process for Jelena and the Truework team.

The Best Solution for People Teams

For all the wins Truework has recorded so far, they’re still finding more ways to take advantage of everything ChartHop has to offer. For instance, Jelena recently connected ChartHop with Slack to announce birthdays and anniversaries to the entire organization – something she describes as a fun and easy way to celebrate important milestones with everyone.

And from the initial ChartHop implementation to rolling out ChartHop to their entire organization and everything in between, Jelena says she has felt supported at every step of the way.

“The ChartHop customer support team is fantastic. They are so responsive and so helpful, and they always provide the best instructions to help me figure out what I want to do,” she shares.

Perhaps most importantly for the Truework team, ChartHop matches their own core value of trust. Jelena concludes: “ChartHop offers total transparency and privacy at the same time. It’s a great mix and exactly what we were looking for.”

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