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Growing quickly and feeling the growing pains

As a fast growing tech company, Even Financial’s environment was dynamic in every way, including in its organization structure.

Open positions often shifted in scope and priority, resulting in wasted hours of recruiting work, pipeline and budgeting challenges.

Org charts were static, manually updated powerpoint slides that are laborious to keep up to date. Department heads had no visibility into dynamic implications of their teams as they grew.

And providing leaders with historical compensation adjustments as a way to support recognition and reward decisions was a manual, cumbersome exercise for the small HR team of 2.

These inefficiencies were easily valued at over $500K per year across the organization - or funds equal to 3 additional heads!

They wanted to provide leaders with the information they needed to run their business units, manage and grow their teams and make the best decisions for the company.


Even Financial


Founded: 2015

Industry: Technology

Type: Private

Number of Employees: 80

Even Financial was seeking people ops efficiencies in:



Put a face to the name


Time Saving


Saving resources by making data-informed decisions

ChartHop, with its sophisticated integration capabilities, enabled Even Financial to centralize and sanitize all workforce data, including their historical data.

Because of ChartHop’s robust customization capabilities, Even’s People team was then able to build custom dashboards for each business leader, arming each with reliable data and getting back those 10 hours they were spending fielding individual questions.

Most valuable to Even’s Chief People Officer and leadership team, is ChartHop’s scenario building functionality. With recruiting efforts driven by approved, detailed scenarios, open positions are appropriately scoped, prioritized and budgeted, recruiting efforts are effectively managed and Even’s overall time to fill is significantly reduced.

This functionality allows for thorough examination of how various workforce changes across the organization would impact the business from a cost, skillset, resource allocation and collaboration perspective.

Now Even Financial can:


Empower data-informed decisions

Put a face to the name

Access and share accurate reports

Time Saving

Prioritize and budget workorce changes


Iterate on people strategy using data

Even’s Chief People Officer and leadership team leverage ChartHop Scenarios to:


Model all workforce changes


Accurately budget headcount expenses


Prioritize and align on open roles


Approve annual and ad-hoc requests

With ChartHop, Even could have saved at least $400,000 when they were growing the team in 2019.


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"ChartHop is a great, intuitive and helpful resource.

I always know where to look for quick, up-to-date org charts, and the self-serve tools make complicated benefits (like equity vesting and valuation) easy!.

Chris Schellens

Chris Schellens
Director, Strategy @ Even Financial