Managing a global, fully distributed, workforce

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Reimagining workplace culture on a global scale

For every competitive advantage offered by a fully distributed company, there are just as many operational obstacles to be overcome.

“When you’re supporting a global workforce, the last thing you want to be is a bottleneck for information or to feel friction when trying to get things done,”

As a global distributed team, one of their biggest challenges was how to actually design and build a “self-service” information model. Keeping track of how InVision was growing as an organization and visualizing those relationships was becoming increasingly complex.

The People Ops team spent around 15 hours every month––roughly four hours every week––just keeping InVision’s org chart up-to-date. Automating this org-chart alone would save InVision $60,000 annually––the equivalent of a full-time junior-level hire–– and would free up the team to solve more complex problems that couldn’t be easily automated.

That’s when the team set out to find a solution that could help them solve these challenges.


Even Financial


Founded: 2011

Industry: Technology

Type: Private

Number of Employees: 600+

Fully Distributed

InVision was wasting:



Put a face to the name


Time Saving


Gaining greater insight into a global workforce

InVision needed a tool that allowed them to visualize relationships between individual employees and larger teams across the company - and that was kept up to date as the organization changed. The problem was that very few solutions featured this kind of functionality.

After evaluating a handful of solutions, InVision discovered ChartHop.

For InVision, ChartHop wasn’t just a way to visualize relationships between teams, managers, and employees––it became a living document that underpinned the organization’s growth and a critical tool used by employees at all levels on a daily basis.

“We're hiring new people and reorganizing often. We can't possibly communicate every single change or it'd be way too noisy. ChartHop has become a great resource for people finding one another, understanding how the organization is designed, and how the organization has changed over time.”

ChartHop integrated seamlessly with InVision’s other back-end systems, saving the People Ops team hours of manual data entry and manual reporting. The integrations also allowed the team to start thinking about how to customize ChartHop for their needs right away, rather than worrying about difficult, time-consuming technical overhead.

Now InVision can:


Empower data-informed decisions

Put a face to the name

Access and share accurate reports

Time Saving

Keep org aligned as teams change


Derive insights to inform strategy

Prior to implementing ChartHop, InVision employees typically spent at least an hour every week searching for the answers to basic questions about their colleagues.


Who's that person’s manager?


Which time zone are they in?


When was their last promotion?


When are they fully vested?

ChartHop wasn’t just more convenient and efficient, it also saved the company the equivalent of $2.5M in lost productivity across the organization.


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"Being able to visualize the org chart by any dimension (department, time, zone, gender, squad) has empowered my team to make more strategic people decisions.

ChartHop has helped us create a more transparent organization and helped employees forge deeper relationships with their coworkers"

Shelby Wolpa

Shelby Wolpa
Vice President, People Operations @ InVision