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How Haven Technologies Centralized People Data to Provide Transparency for All









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ChartHop has helped Haven Technologies

Create a more connected culture by democratizing their people data
Save hours of time by streamlining manual processes

Haven Technologies is a modern, advanced, and cloud-native insurtech offering for the life, disability, and fixed annuities industries. They believe in making insurance easier, and helping people is in their DNA.

In his role as HRBP, James Welch saw an opportunity to help Haven Technologies’ people better understand and connect with each other through easier access to information.

Caught between an HRIS and a hard place

In a past life, Haven Technologies, then known as Haven Life, functioned as a startup organization under the umbrella of a very large parent company. 

While in this operating structure, the Haven Technologies HR team had access to the parent company’s HRIS for features like payroll and benefits administration. However, they were missing the ability to customize their HRIS to better reflect their organization. They needed to give visibility to all their employees by enabling them to access critical information.

They decided to search for a solution to bridge those gaps, and that search led them directly to ChartHop.

James says, “ChartHop was the perfect solution because it had the org chart and employee profiles, providing a place for employees to find out about each other. We were also able to create custom fields to store sensitive, but important information that we weren’t allowed to upload into our parent company’s HRIS. So we initially sought out ChartHop because it could solve for all of those different areas.”

Which brings us to the present-day. Having spun off into a fully independent company at the beginning of 2022, Haven Technologies has adapted their use of ChartHop to meet the changing needs of their new company.

Pivoting out of spreadsheets and into transparency for all

During this pivotal time for Haven Technologies, there were a lot of changes happening across the organization and employees needed visibility into those changes. Because not all systems migrated over at the same time, the team no longer had access to ChartHop and had to revert to manual processes.

As an interim solution, the HR team tried to use spreadsheets to visualize the new company structure, but the spreadsheets were too complicated and would require training to manipulate and understand. Employees clamored for access to ChartHop, knowing that’s where they’d be able to see updated reporting structures and other internal shifts. 

James explains why not just any HR solution would do: “We have a lot of unique functions and roles at our company and employees would leverage ChartHop to see what those are. For example, someone might be a full stack developer by title, but they’re also a tech liaison, which means they’re the tech expert for a particular sub-team. Without ChartHop, it’s very difficult for someone to find out who’s in those secondary roles.” 

The million dollar question was repeatedly asked by employees, “How can I find the information I need without ChartHop?” In need of a lifeline, and with a strong hunch of what the results of “Ask the Audience” would be, Haven Technologies brought ChartHop back into their HR tech stack.

With their new org structure in a visual and dynamic platform, employees can now search by sub-team and find the person who has the designation of tech liaison. And since ChartHop reflects changes immediately, everyone can see how the company is evolving in real-time.

Now Haven Technologies can

Ditch complicated spreadsheets and provide employees with a one-stop-shop to see changes happening across the org
Celebrate and appreciate their people with a real-time view of key milestones, facilitating better manager-employee relationships
Boost connections among their distributed team by making it easy for employees to find and learn about each other

When you are in an HRIS system, you cannot have a dynamic org chart that’s based on working groups. It’s very tied to the reporting structure. It’s like turning a massive ship whenever you want to make changes instead of just logging quickly into the system like you can do with ChartHop.



A centralized database to democratize people data

Haven Technologies’ people managers also use ChartHop to foster connections and ensure they have the most accurate view of their people.

Previously, when they were tracking this information using spreadsheets, leaders found that the information wasn’t always accurate since the data only showed a single snapshot in time and was not tied to their HRIS. This meant that managers may miss important dates or that sub-teams’ information were listed incorrectly during All-Hands presentations, negatively impacting the employee experience.

Now with ChartHop, each group leader can create and save a custom data report using dynamic filters.  For example, a team leader who wants to see all birthdays and work anniversaries for their multi-tiered team in a single place can do so easily with ChartHop. 

Leveraging the data housed in their HRIS, these saved data views become a living record that’s always up-to-date for everyone. James explains the importance of having this data validity:  “This is why we turned to ChartHop as a one-stop-shop database that was really able to help make sure everyone is working with the most up-to-date information.” 

Visions of a more connected future 

As Haven Technologies continues forward as an independent company, it’s more important than ever for their team to be connected and remain in the know on org changes.

Reflecting on how they’ll put this vision into practice, James concludes: “ChartHop has really had an impact on our culture. It’s provided a place where employees can not only see where someone sits on the org chart, but also helps them put a face to the name. And the fun elements like hobbies, skills, and fun facts we’ve incorporated into the employee profiles in ChartHop that connect to Slack help our team stay connected in a mostly remote setting. 

What I really like about ChartHop and why it’s so important for our org is that it’s living information and it stays up-to-date for everyone. When it becomes that centralized database, it can save hours and hours of time for many people. ChartHop is going to be what everyone uses to find information that comes out of our HRIS.” 


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