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Insights hidden by manually-intensive work

When Joe joined Rémy Cointreau’s HR team two years ago, he was tasked with managing the - at the time - over 200 person org chart. And he was doing it all manually in powerpoint.

So much time was spent dragging around boxes and shuffling people and teams across slides to be legible at meetings and presentations.

Joe was spending 4-5 hours a week manually updating the org chart. Beyond costing $15K a year in productivity losses, it was also preventing him from sharing key people insights in a timely manner.

Rémy Cointreau needed a solution that enabled them to visually represent their company, keep pace with organizational changes, securely house their data, and align their teams to one source of truth for that data.

That’s when ChartHop came in.


Even Financial


Founded: 1990

Industry: Wine and Spirits

Type: Public

Number of Employees: 229

Fully Distributed

Rémy Cointreau was wasting:



Put a face to the name


Time Saving


Leveraging time-savings for strategic insights

When Joe started working in ChartHop just over a year ago, he immediately experienced the benefits of the platform.

He finally had a tool that allowed him to spend less time and energy on manual, administrative work and more time using the data to drive strategic insights for the business.

And Joe isn’t letting any moment of his freed up time go to waste. “ChartHop allows me to focus on important projects like recruiting, workforce planning, and internal trainings. It just allows me to do my job.”

Now Rémy Cointreau can:

Org Chart

Use their org chart as a source of truth

Align Teams

Align teams to hiring plans

Plan Strategically

Plan more strategically

Design with intention

Design their company with intention

Before ChartHop, Taranto was spending hours manually inputting employee data into PowerPoint. Rémy Cointreau’s headcount planning was disjointed and lacked clarity. These complex and manually-intensive processes left him wondering:


How to align his team to the same hiring plan?


How to visualize his workforce to drive insights for his teams?


How to design the company with intention?


How to better act as a strategic partner for the business?

ChartHop didn’t just offer robust org chart and planning capabilities, it also saved $450K in reduced headcount spend.


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“ChartHop allows me to focus on important projects like recruiting, workforce planning, and internal trainings. It just allows me to do my job.”
The platform is user friendly, interactive and one of best tools I have ever used in my career!

Joe Taranto

Joe Taranto
HR Generalist & Project Manager @ Rémy Cointreau