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Searching for a path to growth buried inside spreadsheets

Designing the future of Showbie has been top of mind for Bramm since their Series A fundraising back in August 2020, but planning out this new and exciting stage hasn’t been easy.

“I was looking at our hiring plans for the next year, which were a complete spreadsheet conundrum,” Bramm admits. “It was just a total disaster of spreadsheets and timelines and Gantt charts.”

Once Bramm compiled the budget, headcount, and month-over-month growth projections, he presented those figures to Showbie’s board and leadership team.

As they talked through the figures, various scenarios would emerge: If things are going really well for the company and we have more revenue, then I’d like to do this, or if things aren’t growing as much, then I’d like to do this but a little bit less of that. But these scenarios were difficult to visualize, which made alignment near impossible.

Bramm needed his board and leadership team on the same page about Showbie’s path to growth and realized their current tools could no longer get them there. So, Bramm went searching for a solution that could make that crucial alignment possible.




Founded: 2013

Industry: Education

Type: Startup

Number of Employees: 49

Number of Offices: 1

Showbie was wasting:



Put a face to the name


Time Saving


Leveraging powerful visuals and real-time collaboration to reach alignment

To grow in an ever-changing industry, Showbie needed an equally dynamic solution. That’s when an industry acquaintance introduced him to ChartHop.

Right away, Bramm knew ChartHop would help his board and leadership team visualize potential growth outcomes for Showbie. All he had to do was plug in the numbers from his disastrous spreadsheets, and ChartHop would transform that data into immediate actionable insights.

ChartHop’s ability to map multiple scenarios would allow Bramm to create and explore various futures for Showbie, like the creation of cross-functional teams or what the company would look like if various strategic hiring decisions were made. But it was the ease of creating these scenarios using drag-and-drop functionality and on-page filtering that showed Bramm how easy real-time collaboration would be once he had leadership in the same room.

ChartHop integrated with and synced data daily from their human resources system, BambooHR. This gave Bramm confidence that he and the leadership team could make informed decisions about the future. They knew they were working from a single source of truth.

Now Showbie can:


Communicate their vision for growth

Put a face to the name

Have transparent conversations

Time Saving

Identify growth opportunities


Align leadership to one hiring plan

Before ChartHop, Bramm was tangled up in spreadsheet gymnastics, unable to align his team on his ambitious plans for Showbie’s future growth. This manually intensive process left him wondering.


How to plan amidst uncertainty?


How to build staff capacity to meet growing need?


How to communicate plans effectively?


How to leverage their funding to grow sustainably and with intention?

ChartHop didn’t just offer robust planning capabilities, it also saved the company the equivalent of $10K in lost productivity across the organization.


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"The most powerful part [of planning in ChartHop] was being able to put it in front of the leadership team so there’s clarity on the plan, and being able to make changes to the scenario in real time based on feedback we discussed in the meeting.”

Colin Bramm

Colin Bramm
CEO & Co-founder @ Showbie