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2022 People Pioneers: Honoring the HR Leaders Paving the Way Forward

The future of HR has arrived, and these are the leaders propelling the change forward.

The 2022 People Pioneers Award recognizes HR leaders who have positively impacted their companies and employees in new and creative ways to ease friction and overcome the unique challenges presented by the complete uncertainty of the past two years.

The winners of this award confidently led their companies through critical initiatives to grow the business, attract and retain top talent, and support employee well-being. To do so, they led efforts that cover everything from ensuring pay equity and creating more diverse hiring practices to revamping benefits in a pandemic-driven world and coaching executive team members.

Meet the winners and see their stories, including:

  • Adriana Roche, Chief People Officer at MURAL
  • Devin Blase, VP or People at Truework
  • Holly Danko, Chief People Officer at Unison
  • Elizabeth Raymond, Head of Global Talent at Nexthink
  • Nadia Vatalidis, VP of People at
  • Nyala Khan, VP of Talent, Employer Brand, and Experience at Eden Health
  • Karen Kuhn, Senior Director of People Operations at Order
  • Steve Weiss, VP of Human Resources at Arvinas
  • Giuliana Zara, Head of People at Aper
  • Danielle Fillimon, Chief People Officer at Statespace Labs

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