Make the return to work safe and comfortable for everyone.

The return to work requires thoughtful data collection and analysis.

This Return to Work Guide includes:

  • Dozens of questions companies are asking
  • How to align the process with your values
  • Tips on centralizing and analyzing data

We are living through unprecedented times. A data-informed plan can make all the difference.

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Empower effective decision-making with ChartHop

Centralize all relevant data

Seamlessly integrate your existing HR tech to see survey data within your org structure and alongside other employee data.

Aggregate with relevant data

Ensure stakeholder alignment

Create and share robust reports that update as your data updates, without spreadsheet gymnastics.

Analyze trends and results

Analyze trends and results

Track as survey responses change over time. Understand how responses differ across departments, offices, gender, race/ethnicy, tenure, performance and more.

Act early and often

You’ve outgrown the makeshift spreadsheets.

With ChartHop you can:

One Place

House all data in one place

No need to create yet another spreadsheet or send employees to multiple tools.

One Place

Collect data continuously

Situations evolve quickly. Collect data monthly, weekly or even daily.

One Place

Get max participation

Send slack and email notifications to increase survey completion.

One Place

Protect employee privacy

Control access to survey results and ensure private data remains private.

One Place

Empower managers

Safely provide data and context they need to best support employees.

One Place

Build plans off the data

Create cohort or headcount plans, keep track of changes and collaborate with others.

Design balanced and equitable cohorts

Plan out potential cohorts in Scenarios using all of the data collected.

  • Collaborate on cohort definition
  • Visualize the org chart by cohort
  • Ensure cohorts are balanced
  • Iterate on plans as needs evolve
Design balanced and equitable cohorts

Balance out cohorts by:










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The return to work requires thoughtful data collection and analysis.

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