🏆 2nd Annual People Pioneers Award nominations open through 10/7!

2nd Annual People Pioneers Award

Honoring People leaders who are hiring the new way of doing HR.

For our consideration, no slick Hollywood billboards needed. Just click below to tell us about a people-first People leader!

Call for nominations open through Friday, October 7

The People Pioneers Award is an annual award program, designed to recognize the HR leaders who have positively impacted their companies — whether that’s in terms of company growth, cultural change, new benefits programs, or anything else.

Winners are those who have driven this impact by redefining the HR discipline with people-first strategies to unlock business resilience and build a future-ready workforce in the lean times and green times. 


Meet the Inaugural People Pioneers

Frequently Asked Questions

When are nominations due?

Nominations are due Friday, October 7 at 4:59pm ET.


Can I submit more than one person for nomination?

Yes, the more the merrier! You can nominate as many People leaders as you think fit the criteria of outstanding people-first leadership. Each individual must be submitted separately through the nomination form, here.

Please note, the number of nominations a person receives will not affect chances of being awarded.


Can I nominate myself?

No imposter syndrome here, we welcome self-nominations!


Is there an application fee to submit a nomination?

No, it is free to submit a nomination for the People Pioneers award program.


Is the People Pioneers award program only for ChartHop customers?

No. The People Pioneers award program is for all people-first People leaders. There are no requirements to be a current, past, or prospective ChartHop customer to submit a nomination.


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