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People Analytics

Use these tips and best practices to drive strategic decision making with people analytics and metrics.


HR Metrics That Matter: What to Track Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

From recruitment through separation, HR metrics can help you and your teams measure the effectiveness of your HR initiatives.

Why an Enterprise HRIS Isn't Always a Safe Bet

At the core of it, unless your company is a global multinational, an enterprise HRIS may not be the best fit. Instead, you should develop your HR tech stack based on what you actually need and you’ll have a lot fewer headaches down the road.

Introducing ChartHop Basic

With ChartHop Basic, you can sync your payroll and equity data within minutes to populate your org chart, employee directory and more.

Revealing the Untapped Power of Data

Hear from HR leaders about how data can guide decision-making and unlock key insights that inform how they support their people and organizations.

Data-Driven People Decisions: The 5 Human Resources Metrics and Formulas You Need

Learn how the formulas behind various HR metrics that are crucial for data-driven people analysis and headcount planning.

4 Key HR Data Sources to Scale a Successful Team

Data can decisively shape your company’s goals and initiatives, but before you even plan for how to use data, it’s important to choose the right data sources.

How to Use ChartHop to Build and Scale Transparent Orgs

Discover how ChartHop can help drive employee connections, better visualize your entire organization, and support employee growth.

The Modern HR Leader’s Guide to Employee Retention Rate

When tracked and used right, your employee retention rate can help you avoid a talent shortage and push you to drive positive change in your organization.

Turnover Rate 101: What Does it Tell You About Your Business?

Turnover rate is one of the most important HR metrics to track. Learn what employee turnover rate means, how to calculate it, and how you can use that insight to improve retention.

What Most Companies Get Wrong About People Metrics

Here are some of the common roadblocks many companies face when it comes to people metrics and how modern solutions can help HR teams of any size overcome these challenges.

Build a Connected and Inclusive Workplace with People Analytics

Discover how to centralize HR data across systems to report on key metrics, better understand your workforce, collaborate on headcount planning, and more.

People Analytics Buyer's Guide: How to Find Your Ideal Analytics Solution

How to find the ideal people analytics solution based on your HR team's top goals, such as improving retention, reducing turnover, or promoting meaningful DEI.

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