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People Analytics

Use these tips and best practices to drive strategic decision making with people analytics and metrics.


By the People, for the People: Democratizing People Data for More Accessible, Powerful Decision-Making

Watch this webinar recording to hear from Kathi Enderes, Senior Vice President of Research at The Josh Bersin Company, and Julie DeBuhr, Head of Employee Experience at 1Password.

How People Leader Hebba Youssef Streamlines the HR Tech Stack to Drive Business Outcomes with ChartHop

Discover how ChartHop helped Hebba streamline the HR tech stack to get the most out of people data in an easy way and deliver actionable insights for better business decisions.

How to Use People Data to Transform Your Employee Lifecycle

People leaders should think holistically and analytically about their employee lifecycle. This means diving into your people data to make more impactful decisions.

How To Streamline Compensation Reviews

Don’t skip your evening plans because you’re doing spreadsheet gymnastics. With ChartHop, you have Compensation Reviews that are informed, equitable, and totally rewarding.

Making Sense on the Dollar: Informed and Equitable Comp Decisions Made Easy in ChartHop

Watch this webinar recording to see how our new offering, ChartHop Compensation Reviews allows you to centralize and visualize your people data to build the most fair and equitable comp review for your organization.

Ways To Make Comp Reviews Easier With ChartHop

Build comp reviews with clear guidelines and benchmarks and visualize your people data to make better informed and equitable comp decisions.

Top 4 Capabilities to Look for in HR Tech to Keep Your Company Agile

Adapting to change to support your organization requires agility and flexibility. Here are 4 critical capabilities to look for in a best-in-class HR tech platform that will allow your org to adapt and thrive.

How to Make the Most of Your People Analytics Platform

Just having a people analytics platform isn’t enough. To make the most of it, you actually need to use its features in order to visualize metrics to make data-driven decisions, create a formalized performance management strategy, and engage your employees no matter where they’re located.

How 1Password Centralized and Secured Comp Planning with ChartHop

Discover how ChartHop helped 1Password streamline processes and secure their comp planning to better protect their employees’ sensitive data.

The Strategic Toolkit You Need to Claim (and Maximize) HR’s Seat at the Table

Hear insights on how to develop your strategic thinking to improve decision-making company-wide and draw actionable insights from people data.

Save Time Analyzing Your People Data with ChartHop

Say goodbye to Vlookups, and hello to ChartHop. ChartHop aggregates all your people's data in one place, so you can easily analyze and share reports without worrying about spreadsheet formats or formulas.

HR Metrics That Matter: What to Track Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

From recruitment through separation, HR metrics can help you and your teams measure the effectiveness of your HR initiatives.

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