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People Analytics

Use these tips and best practices to drive strategic decision making with people analytics and metrics.


The Benefits of Democratizing Your People Data

Seventy percent of leaders prioritize people analytics, yet very few consider who can actually access those numbers. Learn why it's incredibly important to democratize your people data and how it benefits employees at every level.

Need Help Workforce Planning? Look to People Analytics

Workforce planning can be overwhelming, especially with all of the stakeholders and decision-making involved. Here we share 4 ways you can harness people analytics to strengthen your workforce planning strategy.

Tracking These 3 People Metrics Helps Reduce Turnover Rate

Tackling voluntary turnover should always be a priority. People metrics can help you get a handle on high turnover rates to prevent attrition before it happens.

Democratizing People Data: What Works

Check out this compelling report from The Josh Bersin Company that outlines how adopting people analytics platforms increases employee engagement and drives business outcomes.

How BetterCloud Engages Employees and Brings Transparency to Compensation Planning with ChartHop

BetterCloud embarked on a quest to find a system that would show the company directory to all employees to better prepare them to connect with a growing team and also to support the semi-annual compensation planning process. Enter ChartHop.

6 Essential Features of People Analytics Software

The right people analytics software can positively impact the employee experience, leading to higher engagement and retention. Look for these six features to get started.

How Haven Technologies Centralized People Data to Provide Transparency for All

Discover how Haven Technologies helps their people better understand and connect with each other through easier access to information with ChartHop.

How to Use Surveys to Assess eNPS and Reduce Absenteeism

Looking to boost your employee experience and reduce your absent rate? Read our five steps on using eNPS surveys to help you start achieving these results, today.

Talent Analytics vs People Analytics: What You Need to Know and Why They Both Matter

Learn the difference between talent analytics and people analytics, why both are important, and three ways to use people analytics and talent analytics together.

By the People, for the People: Democratizing People Data for More Accessible, Powerful Decision-Making

Watch this webinar recording to hear from Kathi Enderes, Senior Vice President of Research at The Josh Bersin Company, and Julie DeBuhr, Head of Employee Experience at 1Password.

How People Leader Hebba Youssef Streamlines the HR Tech Stack to Drive Business Outcomes with ChartHop

Discover how ChartHop helped Hebba streamline the HR tech stack to get the most out of people data in an easy way and deliver actionable insights for better business decisions.

How to Use People Data to Transform Your Employee Lifecycle

People leaders should think holistically and analytically about their employee lifecycle. This means diving into your people data to make more impactful decisions.

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