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Gearing Up for the Next Phase of ChartHop’s Growth with Product Leadership

Mar 28, 2022| Reading time: 5min

BY Ian White

Founder, CEO, and CTO

Introducing ChartHop’s New VP of Product, Justin Garrity

One of the best things about building a company at hypergrowth speed is recruiting and building a strong leadership team.

At its best, a great executive team – one that’s aligned and brings a diversity of perspectives and working styles, but ultimately comes together with trust and transparency – can help set the tone for the whole organization.

And, as ChartHop grows rapidly, getting experienced leaders in place in every function has been one of the biggest goals in the past year as we scaled the team from 30 to 190.

But there was one important role we hadn’t filled until now – and truth be told, it’s one of the hardest roles to get right when you’re a product and engineering oriented founder like me.

It’s because I care so much about our product. I built ChartHop’s initial Beta line by line of code, sweating every small detail to get the product to a high bar before we ever launched or raised a dollar of outside capital.

Especially in those early days, I met with and listened closely to every customer. So much of what I heard from them – their challenges with managing a tangle of complex data, their struggles with traditional people software, the difficulties of aligning and collaborating between departments – made it into the product. And some of those customers even made it onto our team!

Two years later, I’m proud to say that thanks to that early customer feedback and that early product, ChartHop is helping hundreds of organizations plan with transparency and clarity.

Since then, we’ve grown our engineering and product teams rapidly, and we have so many customers, so many requests and ideas, so much to do and learn and prioritize and build.

That’s why I’m excited to share that ChartHop is expanding our leadership team with the addition of Justin Garrity as VP of Product.

As ChartHop accelerates into the next phase of growth, great product leadership with a strong vision will be essential to advancing our platform and building the future.

We need to ensure that we continue listening to our customers and weaving their needs into everything we build. We need to be exacting about what we do – and do not! – create, and we need to do so in a way that brings in team members across our entire organization.

Justin’s extensive experience in product leadership will help us get there.

Justin started his career as a visual artist and filmmaker before moving into product management two decades ago. As someone with an MFA myself, I appreciate that. Creativity and vision will always define what we are building.

More recently, after leading a data visualization company through acquisition, Justin spent the last six years as VP of Product for Data Visualization and Partnerships at Sprinklr, where he created dazzling experiences for customers through their IPO last year. Now, he is taking that experience to help create a new vision of what people software can be.

And Justin will lead with a customer-first mindset, guiding our team to look at how ChartHop is positively impacting people teams and finding new ways to create spectacular experiences for all of our customers and all of their employees.

I’m thrilled for our team, for Justin, and most of all for our customers. Because you are all going to benefit massively from a customer-obsessed product leader.

We are building a platform that will help every organization by transforming the way companies manage and support their people. And I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Justin onto the journey ahead.

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