November 2022 Product Updates: Report Filters, ATS Sync History, and Compensation Reviews

Nov 17, 2022
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Whether you’re building a DEI report or reviewing your team’s compensation, we know you expect an easy and intuitive experience across the ChartHop platform. This month we’ve added more flexibility to charts, added ATS integrations to Sync History, and enabled better pay equity assessments in our Compensation Reviews module. These product improvements directly address what we’ve been hearing from our customers and build towards a more seamless product experience.

Filters Added to Individual Charts

Every user has different preferences for how they want to view reports, so we are continuously adding new options to enhance your people analytics experience. This month we’ve added the ability to apply filters at the individual chart level (in addition to filters at the dashboard-level), providing you with greater granularity and flexibility for your people data analysis.

ATS visibility in Sync History

If you have a sync between ChartHop and your ATS application, it’s now easy to visualize and track the status of that ATS sync.

This update allows you to use filters to search for specific syncs (such as app type, data flow direction, and sync date) within Sync History, and to identify what information was updated, whether the sync was triggered automatically or manually, whether or not there were errors, and if so, what caused those errors.

Having this added visibility into your ATS sync makes it easy to determine data quality and to resolve issues quickly on your own.

Better Pay Equity Assessments in Compensation Reviews

In the Compensation Reviews module, you now have the ability to toggle between seeing “eligible employees'' and “all employees” without leaving the comp review.

This visibility into ineligible employees (like recent hires) allows comp reviewers to streamline workflows by only evaluating those employees who require attention. It also simplifies the process for assessing pay equity and supports fairer, more equitable compensation adjustment decisions. For more details, check out the documentation here.

Ready to get started?

ChartHop customers can check out our support documentation to access more details on these features and other recent releases, or contact your Customer Success Manager.

If you’re not a customer and would like to learn more, please request a demo tailored to your organization.

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