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Time Travel Update: See your organization evolve

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by Maria Barrera

April 16th, 2020


The ChartHop Team

Time Travel allows you to quickly visualize the evolution of your organization - starting from your founding date into the future.

We're excited to announce we made some updates to help you better navigate your organization’s timeline.

This way, it'll be easier to see where you are in time when analyzing the past, making changes for today and planning for the future.

Now, when you hop back in time, you'll see the bar turn a different color.

Time Travel to Past

When you hop into the future, the bar will turn blue.

Time Travel to Future

You'll know you're looking at today when the bar is white or gray.

Time Travel to Today

These changes are then carried across every part of the platform, including the org chart, the map, the data sheet and even scenarios.

Time Travel Across Areas

Note: In areas where this doesn't affect data (i.e. Reports) there won't be bar or it will remain gray. Also, you can’t go back in time in Scenarios - you're planning for the future!

We hope you like the new update - contact us at if you have any questions!


Blog Author

Written by Maria Barrera

Head of Marketing

Product Updates

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