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September 2022 Product Updates: Compensation Fields + Time to Fill

ChartHop’s new Time to Fill job calculations encourages more effective and informed organizational planning by equipping People leaders and managers with better estimates for target start dates in headcount plans.

Streamlining Your Recruiting Practices: Q&A with Talent Acquisition Specialists

We sat down with two members of our talent acquisition team to discuss how using a people analytics platform with ATS integrations streamlined their talent acquisition strategy.

3 Questions to Ask During Your Succession Planning Process

By having strong succession plans in place, you'll create more agile teams and mitigate potential risks. Check out our 3 questions that are necessary to ask during your succession planning process here.

3 Reasons Quarterly Performance Reviews Benefit Employees

Performance evaluations get a bad rap, usually because meeting only once a year is unhelpful at best. Enter the quarterly performance review, which helps leaders provide support year-round.

4 Ways to Support Working Parents (Beyond Parental Leave)

Supporting working parents extends beyond maternity and paternity leave. A good parent support program is inclusive to LGBTQ+ parents, and includes flexibility, manager training, and employee experience design.

How to Celebrate Holidays (Inclusively) at Work

Ensure your workplace holidays are inclusive for the whole team with these best practices. By doing so, you'll encourage a sense of belonging and honor your people's identities.

HR and Finance: Why Collaboration Is Key to Strategic Workforce Planning

Learn how an organization's HR and finance departments can partner to achieve cohesive workforce planning and organizational management.

30 Questions To Use During Your 1:1s

These are the top 30 questions to ask your employees during your 1:1s with your direct report.

How Transparency Can Solve 3 Problems in the Workplace

Leaders can solve problems by using their people data and being transparent about solutions. Ready to make the right decisions for your company and teams? Learn how to solve your pain points here.

10 Tips to Strengthen Your Workplace Culture

Your workplace culture is one of the most essential aspects of your company. Ready to make yours even stronger? Read our 10 tips here.

August 2022 Product Updates: Comp Reviews + Workday Adaptive Planning

This month’s product updates are focused on how you can build tailored compensation reviews and streamline cost planning and reporting with support for Workday Adaptive Planning.

How to Use People Data to Transform Your Employee Lifecycle

People leaders should think holistically and analytically about their employee lifecycle. This means diving into your people data to make more impactful decisions.

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