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How to Evaluate and Improve Your Onboarding Strategy

Onboarding is critical for any organization, as a well-planned onboarding day can set the tone for a successful tenure with the company.

Making Your People Ops Platform Work for You: Q&A with Jaclyn Swergold from Aksia and Kim Mason from Alkami

A people operations platform keeps your people data centralized in one spot. It's therefore important to choose a solution that's configurable to your needs. Here, two People leaders share how they've enhanced their platform and empowered their teams.

What is a People Strategy, and How Do You Create a Successful One?

We also know that having a defined people strategy isn’t just an obligation, but an absolute necessity in our fast-paced and competitive environment. Learn how to build one here.

Building an Onboarding Program to Combat Turnover: Q&A with Jessica Chan, Director of People at ReD Associates

Jessica Chan, Director of People at ReD Associates, tackled the challenge at a former company by building a new hire day to ensure all new employees – no matter their team or department – received the same training and opportunities for connection. Read the Q&A here.

Announcing ChartHop’s Partnership with Carta

Our integration with Carta allows customers to automatically integrate their equity data, giving employees the ability to view their compensation data in one place.

Assessing Your Company’s Organizational Health: The 6 Essential Elements

Is your organizational healthy? Read our 6 key elements of organizational health, as well as tips on how to improve each aspect to create a stronger company and employee experience.

Approval Workflows for Headcount Planning: Why You Need Them and How to Get Started

When it comes to headcount planning, having effective approval workflows in place is essential for success. Here's why you need them -- and how to get started.

Streamlining Your Recruiting Practices: Q&A with Talent Acquisition Specialists

We sat down with two members of our talent acquisition team to discuss how using a people operations platform with ATS integrations streamlined their talent acquisition strategy.

April 2023 Product Roundup: Approval Workflows, Required Fields on New Jobs, and Comments Export

This month, we’re releasing updates that ensure your people initiatives are collaborative and efficient.

Introducing Advanced Approval Workflows

Introducing ChartHop's new feature, Advanced Approval Workflows. With it, teams are empowered to create and approve workforce plans with confidence.

Meet Kirsten Liranzo, a Q&A with ChartHop’s Vice President of Sales

Meet Kirsten Liranzo, our new VP of Sales, as she talks us through her background, leadership style, and vision for ChartHop.

Unlock the Power of People Operations with a Process Improvement Framework

The People Ops team at Tarabut Gateways transformed their decision making process using a framework. Read how they did it and the 4 benefits they saw.

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