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Bring Sapling data to life with new ChartHop + Sapling Integration

Jun 11, 2020| Reading time: 3min

BY ChartHop

At ChartHop, we’re big believers in the power of context and visualizations in helping leaders make better, informed, decisions.

Today, we’re announcing a new Sapling + ChartHop integration. Now, customers can sync their Sapling data to leverage the power of ChartHop’s visualization, reporting, and planning modules.

Understand your data

With ChartHop’s reporting engine, you can create and access pre-made robust people analytics reports from Sapling data.

ChartHop Reports

This is a great supplement to Sapling’s current reporting capabilities and really brings the Sapling data to life. It’s really visual, customizable and the data updates daily from Sapling so the reports are never out of date.

Share these reports at board meetings, all hands and during management meetings to ensure strategic discussions are data-informed.

Plan with context

ChartHop Scenarios are designed to be flexible and to support any planning around organizational structure or people.

ChartHop Scenarios

By integrating Sapling, leaders can access the current and historical data needed to create plans and make data-informed decisions, without the manual work of creating 100s of spreadsheets for each manager.

Customers use Scenarios to collaborate on alternate hiring plans, new team structures, proposed M&A outcomes, department-specific changes, org-wide compensation plans, and more.

As changes are proposed, ChartHop tracks every change so leaders can understand the impact in structure, headcount and budget.

This is particularly relevant right now as companies continue to plan for potential futures given the impact that COVID is having (and will continue to have) on their business.

Visualize your organization

ChartHop navigate org chart

For larger organizations, ChartHop’s Org Chart and Map can provide additional visibility into the organization, for everyone from the CEO to the intern.

The org chart is updated daily from Sapling data so as new hires come onboard, they’re automatically added to the org chart, without any manual updated needed.

In the ChartHop Org Chart you can:

  • Search for individuals and see their employee profile
  • Navigate across the organization
  • Easily search and filter through any dimension
  • Visualize the org chart through any metric
  • Time travel to see the org’s evolution

ChartHop highlight by data org chart

Set up is simple

These two powerhouse platforms coming together means the set up is really easy.

All you need to do:

  1. Get your subdomain, API access token and Name of Org Head
  2. Input your information into ChartHop’s Sapling Integration page
  3. Select which information you want to sync

If you have any questions about the setting up the integration, reach out to [email protected]

We’re excited to add Sapling as an integration partner. We hope this additional functionality helps leaders build better companies. Request a demo to learn more!

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