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How Wistia Saved Time and Money With ChartHop

Taylor Roa, Director of Talent & Culture at Wistia breaks down how they use ChartHop to efficiently save time and money.

ChartHop at Transform 2023: Using Data to Embrace an Employee-First Approach to Compensation Planning

Ian White, CEO of ChartHop, sits down with People leaders at Harness, Jumio, and Anduril to discuss how data is used to embrace an employee-first approach to compensation planning.

How do you ChartHop?

In this Solution Session, you'll hear from ChartHop customers who have truly made ChartHop their own. From custom reports to tailored goal tracking and performance reviews, People leaders Jaclyn Swergold and Kim Mason leverage ChartHop to capture more data, surface deeper insights, and streamline their operations.

How to Establish an Efficient Approval Workflow with ChartHop

When it comes to headcount planning, having effective approval workflows in place is essential for success. An approval workflow orchestrates the steps and procedures to approve any new hires or personnel changes within your organization. And, as we all know, the more organized the better when wrangling people from across your company to take action.

How to Save Time and Money as an FP&A Leader

We met with our Director of FP&A, Elizabeth Schulze, to see how much time and money she's saved in her day-to-day work by using ChartHop.

2-Minute Talks: Transparency in the Workplace

A selection of hand-picked experts have 120 seconds and 1 slide to share how some form of organizational transparency empowers teams.

ChartHop Headcount Planning

Instead of distributing dozens of spreadsheets for each manager to create their own hiring plan for the new year, you can use ChartHop to streamline the entire planning process.

Create a More Connected Organization With ChartHop

With ChartHop, you can consolidate and visualize all your people data from your HRIS, ATS, equity system, and other platforms through out-of-the-box integrations.

Analyze Your People Data Efficiently with ChartHop

Say goodbye to Vlookups, and hello to ChartHop. ChartHop aggregates all your people's data in one place, so you can easily analyze and share reports without worrying about spreadsheet formats or formulas.

The People Ops Platform

People Operations is a people-first and data-driven business function that is responsible for establishing how an organization manages and supports its people. A modern approach to HR, People Operations encompasses the traditional responsibilities of HR, such as compliance and policy, and incorporates forward-thinking, people-first initiatives that support the employee journey.

How to Simplify Headcount Planning for CFOs

ChartHop empowers you to operate more efficiently. How many pesky point solutions do you currently manage – and pay for! – to analyze and forecast all your people plans? We’ll venture to guess that it’s too many. ChartHop allows you to consolidate your people tech stack into one robust platform that supports your key people and planning processes. Think best-in-class: org planning, compensation management, people analytics, employee engagement and the list goes on.

How to Be People-first On a Budget

The people-first revolution is based on the idea that we bring our whole selves to work. Being part of the revolution is not just about the warm-and-fuzzies, it’s an intentional strategy to ensure your organization’s success in the green times and mean times.

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