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Introducing ChartHop Basic

With ChartHop Basic, you can sync your payroll and equity data within minutes to populate your org chart, employee directory and more.

Revealing the Untapped Power of Data

Hear from HR leaders about how data can guide decision-making and unlock key insights that inform how they support their people and organizations.

Strategies to Boost Employee Engagement in the Hybrid Workplace

Discover strategies for people leaders to foster employee connection in-office and remote, plus how to effectively analyze and improve organizational health for remote teams.

Power to the People Leaders: The Not-So-Secret Ingredients to Help Your HR Team Thrive in 2022

HR has weathered a storm, but teams are coming out stronger on the other side, with how organizations operate and support their people changing for the better. Discover what it takes.

How to Use ChartHop to Build and Scale Transparent Orgs

Discover how ChartHop can help drive employee connections, better visualize your entire organization, and support employee growth.

Best Practices for Headcount Planning and Talent Acquisition

Get advice from leaders on how to build an actionable headcount plan that accounts for flexibility and promotes org-wide collaboration.

ChartHop Headcount Planning

Instead of distributing dozens of spreadsheets for each manager to create their own hiring plan for the new year, you can use ChartHop to streamline the entire planning process.

Designing Transparent Hiring Strategies in a Remote-First World

Headcount planning in the "new normal" is completely different than anything we've done in the past. Hear from people leaders from ChartHop, Guru, and Remote as they discuss best practices for growing your organization intentionally in a remote-first world.

Build a Connected and Inclusive Workplace with People Analytics

Discover how to centralize HR data across systems to report on key metrics, better understand your workforce, collaborate on headcount planning, and more.

Strategies to Foster Employee Connections Across Locations, Lived Experiences and Identities

HR leaders need to take a data-driven approach to DEI to track and report on progress, surface opportunities for improvement, and provide critical insights. This webcast shares tips to make it happen.

HR Tech Talks: Taking Action on DEI Data

Want to make an impact on your DEI efforts? You have to make the data visible. This webcast explores the importance of measuring DEI data in a visible way and how to do so.

Leveraging DEI Data and Initiatives to Build Inclusive Workplaces

Sharing DEI data is not enough without the right people to thoughtfully use those insights to address behavioral change. This webinar explores how to use data, trainings, and educational initiatives to create more equitable workplaces.

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