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January 2023 Product Roundup: Enhancements to Compensation Reviews and Recruiter Experience

Jan 24, 2023| Reading time: 2min

BY ChartHop

2022 was a big year at ChartHop. We introduced a new brand, launched a free product for smaller companies, developed a new Compensation Reviews product, and made countless improvements to our platform. Now that it’s 2023, we’re excited for what this year has in store for our customers!

To kick things off this January, we’ve rolled out improvements to the Compensation Reviews and Recruiter Experience modules, including valuable new reports and added configurability. And we promise, we’ll be shipping more product goodness in the coming months: this year we’re doubling-down on delivering a seamless and data-rich product experience to meet customer needs. As always, please contact your CSM with any feedback or questions.

Configurability Enhancements to Compensation Reviews

Enabling a more intuitive compensation review experience for both admins and reviewers

Configurability Enhancements to Compensation Reviews


Expanded Workbook Configuration

Since launching our updated Compensation Reviews module last summer, we’ve made enhancements based on ongoing customer feedback.

Example: We received feedback that comp review administrators need a way to better highlight specific columns to reviewers. With our newest release, you can now freeze any number of columns and add colored column headers to your compensation reviews workbook. 

This update lets ChartHop customers keep important data front and center, and also enables collaborators across the business to know where their attention should be focused. And the bonus? You can even input your brand’s hex codes to use your org colors for the column headers.


Experience Updates for In-Cycle Comp Review Workbooks

Experience Updates for In-Cycle Comp Review Workbooks

With this release, it’s now easier for managers to review all of their compensation proposals within the same view. Specifically: 

  • The reviewer’s own proposals and their proposals to approve are now listed in one overview screen 
  • Budget and raise percentage visualizations are now represented on the Full Team Overview, which puts all of the manager’s direct reports in one table for easier sorting and filtering. 

This update makes it easier to find all of the compensation proposal information in one place and helps people managers navigate the review for their teams.  


Improved Reporting for Recruiter Experience

Providing people teams with stronger insights to measure performance, evaluate their talent acquisition strengths, or identify areas for improvement

For customers who integrate ChartHop with their ATS as part of our Recruiter Experience module, we’ve added 20 new, pre-built reports to provide advanced insights into a range of important recruiting metrics, such as: 

  • Average time to fill by department 
  • Average time to fill by IC vs. People Manager
  • Number of active open jobs split by backfilled vs. net new
  • Average days over time for open jobs
  • New hire data over time — by ethnicity, by gender, by location, etc.

Having these additional recruiting reports enables teams to evaluate hiring trends over time and take action to improve existing gaps. Current customers may contact their CSM for assistance enabling this powerful reporting bundle.


Ready to get started? 

ChartHop customers can check out our support documentation to access more details on these features and other recent releases, or contact your Customer Success Manager. 

If you’re not a customer and would like to learn more, please request a demo tailored to your organization.

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