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InVision Leads with Inclusivity to Provide People-Centric Care

Dec 7, 2021| Reading time: 8min

BY Kerrel Brown

Senior Marketing Manager

InVision, an innovative visual collaboration platform powering the world’s smartest companies, is a fully distributed company with more than 500 employees across 20+ countries. Putting their visual collaboration and “remote by design” ethos into practice, InVision is making every kind of work more collaborative, inclusive, and impactful and is enabling tens of thousands of organizations to improve their processes and workflows so they can get the most out of their most valuable asset: their people.

This focus on people is not just part of their company product, it is at the core of their company principles, the building blocks needed to foster a culture where everyone feels welcome, seen, and heard as they are. Katie Hollis, SVP of People at InVision has seen first hand the value of empowering teams to lead with this people first mentality and is focused on harnessing the power of data to continue to enhance the employee experience.

When thinking about how to uplevel their culture and employee experience through data, Katie and her team turned to Charthop’s dynamic org chart and robust people analytics platform to showcase employee data in a visually appealing, real time way to visualize the relationships between employees and teams and foster their company culture across their global workforce.

The Superpowers of ChartHop

At first, InVision’s People team was elated by the platform’s ease in capturing employee celebrations like milestones and work anniversaries to feature in company All-Hands, and the accessibility for every employee to get a birds eye view of the organization via the org chart. As Diversity Manager Tamsen Hanlon said, “We have the ability for our InVisioners around the world, through ChartHop, to build connections with individuals living close to them. This begins during onboarding when we take the time to use ChartHop to find InVisioners around the world and showcase the power of connecting people to each other from day one.

But they wanted more. “The power of ChartHop and the data we have at our fingertips doesn’t stop at the org chart. We want to leverage it to open more insights into the employee experience. We are tapping into where we are now as an organization, the historical trends to see how we got here, and beginning to plan where we want to go from there based on the data ChartHop is able to quickly visualize for us.” said Tracy Colon, People Data Analyst at InVision.

Beyond data, InVision knows that creating a people-centric culture means they must connect with and support employees during both the positive and challenging times in their lives. Stephen Olmstead, Chief of Staff to the CEO of InVision, in partnership with the People Team started to think bigger about how they could use the ChartHop Map to help employees in times of need to offer support and help ensure their safety.

For example, when the 2021 Texas power crisis suddenly left millions across the state without power, a good chunk of the workforce were offline unexpectedly. InVision used the Map feature in ChartHop, which overlays employee location on a map, to zoom in on the affected areas and see 20+ employees were impacted and had to temporarily relocate.

Map feature in ChartHop

Stephen said, “We immediately started thinking about how we could use ChartHop Map to tap into any region at any time and surface opportunities to live the company’s values. Such as understanding the paths of hurricanes – once a tropical storm has formed, we can immediately pull up employees who might be affected based on location, allowing the people team to reach out directly and make sure they have everything they need.”

This approach has proven successful at InVision, not only for a few hurricanes but also in instances of political upheaval, like the attacks in Israel and Palestine.

Intersection of good tooling and good culture

For InVision, being more mindful of global events means more frequently asking the question, “What’s going on where our employees are?”

In one particular instance, the answer was Hurricane Ida, which was expected to do serious damage to Louisiana. Again using the Map feature in ChartHop, InVision discovered two employees who were projected to be in the eye of the storm and were preparing to evacuate their homes.

The People Team worked with these employees to provide support, and these conversations revealed that one of the employees didn’t have safe temporary accommodations for their family.

Living out InVision’s culture of giving, one of the People Team’s leaders offered a solution by sharing that she had a home in Florida that was available for use. This solution turned a really stressful and potentially terrifying event for an employee into an unplanned fun vacation for their family and kids. The warm-and-fuzzies didn’t end there. Stephen said, “The incredible gesture of goodwill spread across the organization and employees told us they felt proud to work at an org that goes out of their way to think about how to care for their people.”

“Before, when we just thought about org charts to visualize people, that was valuable on its own. Working in a remote world now, we’re just scratching the surface of how employee care can be done through the vehicle of an org chart.”

People information at your fingertips

At InVision, the team prioritizes investing in culture and being intentional about keeping their remote workforce connected.

For Katie and her team, that means leveraging technology like ChartHop to improve efficiencies, foster their company culture, and find (and support) the right people at the right time.

Learn more about how ChartHop can help you visualize your people and support action-oriented decision-making.

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