October 2021 Product Updates: Custom Forms

Sep 23, 2021
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Optimizing the employee lifecycle -- from onboarding to performance reviews to employee recognition to offboarding -- can be burdensome to manage when all those forms and surveys live in separate tools. It leaves employees feeling overwhelmed and means your HR team has to learn the in’s and out’s of multiple systems.

Recognizing this challenge, ChartHop is excited to announce a new workflow for Custom Forms that simplifies the creation and management of forms and surveys. Whether it’s an eNPS survey, employee recognition program, 360 review, or anything else, our new forms are easy to customize to any of your organization's needs.

With these improvements, you can:

  • Use ChartHop’s new form builder to add, edit, and delete questions from any form or survey
  • Mass archive, delete, and search through your existing forms
  • Create custom fields as you add new questions, all from directly within the form builder

Save Time and Improve the Employee Experience with ChartHop’s New Custom Forms

The latest enhancements to ChartHop’s Custom Forms will save your team time as you create, edit, and administer forms, ultimately helping your organization:

  • Improve employee engagement: Measure satisfaction regularly or conduct eNPS surveys. With the new Custom Forms, it’s now easier than ever to conduct surveys and make improvements to employee lifecycle events.
  • Foster positive and inclusive culture: Administer manager check-ins, employee recognition, and DEI reporting. The simple form builder makes it quick and easy to create any variety of forms and collect data from your employees as needed.
  • Save on your HR tech stack: Reduce costs and time spent training your team on multiple tools by centralizing surveys and forms in ChartHop.

How You Can Put ChartHop Custom Forms into Action

The ease of use baked into these enhancements means the sky's the limit when it comes to opportunities to use ChartHop’s Custom Forms. That said, here are a few of our favorite use cases to get you started:

Engagement Surveys & eNPS

Measure employee satisfaction and eNPS with pre-built bundles or create new surveys unique to your own organization, such as onboarding and exit surveys to fully measure the employee lifecycle and experience.

Manager Check-ins

Record manager 1-1 agendas and ratings on employee profiles to centralize manager discussions in ChartHop.

Employee Recognition

Foster a positive culture and boost employee morale with recognition programs that enable employees to praise direct reports, co-workers, or anyone within your organization for the work they have done. You can also amplify the recognition on Slack and keep a record of praise on each employee’s individual profile.

Demographic Data

Measure the diversity and inclusiveness of your organization with supplemental data on your workforce by collecting demographic information on gender, race, ethnicity, LGBTQ identification, veteran status, caretaker status, etc.

Performance Reviews

Conduct performance reviews and configure them based on your organization’s overall feedback framework, whether it’s quarterly reviews, 360 reviews, or any other way for managing the performance process.

Goals and OKRs

Record progress against individual goals by creating forms that allow employees to submit updates.

ChartHop custom forms

How to Get Started with Custom Forms

Ready to see the new experience for yourself and get started with your own forms and surveys?

You can access forms in ChartHop under “Settings>Custom Forms.” From there, you can manage old forms or create new ones. The new form builder is available for ChartHop Scale, Grow, and Enterprise customers. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Support if you have any questions.

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