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2-Minute Talks: Transparency in the Workplace

Apr 11, 2023

After our popular December event, 2-Minute Talks: What’s Next for People Ops, we’re coming back for round #2.

A selection of hand-picked experts have 120 seconds and 1 slide to share how some form of organizational transparency empowers teams.

This time we’ll be talking about how to implement the right level of transparency – from comp, to careers, to leadership decisions – to empower teams.

Hear from:

  • Hebba Youssef  – Chief People Officer @ Workweek & writer of I Hate It Here
  • Kim Colucci – Culture & Growth Director @ Mixbook
  • Vanesa Cotlar – VP of People & Culture @ PolicyMe
  • Shelby Wolpa – People Advisor & Consultant
  • My Doan Cong – VP of People @ ALT
  • Natalie Rast – Experienced People Leader & Consultant @ Human Quotient
  • Ben Jackson – People Consultant, Founder @ Hear Me Out
  • Adriane Jones – People Consultant

It’s everything a webinar is not. With limited time to share, our experts will have to make their point fast.

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