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Announcing ChartHop’s Series B Funding

Jun 9, 2021| Reading time: 7min

BY Ian White

Founder, CEO, and CTO

Last August, I shared that ChartHop had raised our Series A. We were just 18 people, sharing a mission of building a new type of people software.

In what’s felt like the blink of an eye, we’ve quadrupled our customer count, grown revenue 5x, and built an incredible team. Now we’re over 70 amazing people, working together across the world to bring our vision of people analytics powering the organization to life.

And so today, I’m thrilled to announce that ChartHop has closed our Series B funding round of $35 million, led by Andreessen Horowitz, with contributions from Elad Gil, Cowboy Ventures, and SemperVirens.

Why raise this round, so quickly, right now? We still had years of runway in front of us.

Because our customers deserve it.

We’ve seen almost 150 companies from post-Series-A startups to giant multinationals become customers of ChartHop, and demand has been overwhelming. We have so much to do!

We will be putting the money to work immediately to accelerate our roadmap, build depth in our existing features, and grow a world-class team that puts customers first.

ChartHop: People Analytics, Visualized

High-growth building is all about learning, and iterating on those learnings, as quickly as we can.

Every single one of our customers has taught us so much in the past 18 months. We better understand the challenges you’re facing, how our products fit in your HR tech stack, and what you value the most from ChartHop.

You’ve helped us understand that what we’ve built is a completely new take on People Analytics.

ChartHop People Analytics

What makes ChartHop different from legacy People Analytics solutions is our:

  • Beautiful, digestible visualizations like org charts, maps, and reports
  • Integrated planning and collaboration tools so you can convert our data insights into action, right away
  • Accessibility by anyone in the organization, with careful controls over sensitive data

Whether you’re building your headcount plan post-fundraising, measuring the success of DEI initiatives, or designing employee retention strategies — we help you answer the questions you need on a daily basis, and make sure that data is at your fingertips when you need it.

We care deeply about user experience — and how this impacts your employee experience. So ChartHop will work tirelessly to bring the right data to every employee in an organization, in an easily accessible way.

With this new round of funding, we’ll continue to break the mold on who gets to use and leverage powerful People Analytics — it shouldn’t just be big companies with armies of PhDs.

The next level UI

I’m an engineer.

So, the first version of ChartHop had powerful ways to surface data with strong visualizations and animations — but it looked like, well, like an engineer built it.

Fortunately, our incredible design and engineering teams have been rethinking every aspect of our experience — beautiful data visualizations and maps, employee profiles and home pages, and a stunning time-travelling org chart.

Our platform is built on a deep analytics backend that lets you search for anything — want to visualize engineering managers with more than 12 months tenure? Our Carrot Query Language has always let you search for that (try typing: is:manager dept:eng tenure>12) — but now, the new filtering UI makes building complex queries as easy as point and click.

ChartHop new filtering UI

In the spirit of building a people operations platform predicated on org-wide data accessibility, we’ll continue to make updates that prioritize the end-user experience.

Meet our new executives

ChartHop exists to help build better organizations, and that starts with building our own. One thing I’ve learned from previous startups is how important it is to build a strong management team early — and how important a great People team can be to shaping a great culture.

So, we’ve added three new executives to our leadership team!

ChartHop Exec Team

Emily Connery, our new Head of People and Talent, was one of the earliest customers of ChartHop when she ran People and Talent at BetterCloud — the first company to roll out ChartHop to their whole organization. She knows ChartHop cold and is a thought leader on forward-thinking People practices. Her mission is to build an iconic people function of the future, powered by ChartHop — and share how she does it with our customers.

Sarah Diegnan is our new VP of Customer Experience. After leading complex implementations at Acuity Brands, Opower, and Oracle, she brings operational excellence to creating and delivering a world class customer experience for all of ChartHop’s customers. She is an expert in leading a customer journey, partnering with customers from the first moments of onboarding through successful execution of all account goals — making sure our customers are getting the most out of ChartHop.

Diana Kucer is our new Chief Marketing Officer, and has decades of experience at HireVue, LinkedIn, and Intuit uncovering insights to help companies better serve their customers. She has already spoken to many of our customers and is always looking to learn from your experiences with ChartHop.

We’ve added key roles across the team, from development to documentation — and we’re looking for more to join our remote, high eNPS team. We’re hiring!

Thank you

There is so much more to come.

Every day I am grateful — not just for our investors who have bet tens of millions of dollars on our ability to build an iconic company… not just for our amazing team that has joined me on this mission… but especially for our early customers who have been looking for something like ChartHop for years.

It’s for you that we keep building.

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