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The Employee Experience Platform: What It Is and How It Helps at Every Level

Apr 9, 2022| Reading time: 9min

BY Kate Super

Content Writer

Over the past decade, talk of employee engagement has worked its way to the forefront of company and People Team discussions. That’s because a rising number of business leaders have recognized the importance of fostering a company culture that values and engages people at every level. The benefits that have come from this shift have been undeniable: from employee retention to better business results, companies are seeing a direct impact on the workplace.

Now, this ethos is evolving.

Employee engagement is still vital, but business leaders are now prioritizing the employee experience as a whole. While engagement is an important facet of this philosophy, it’s only one component of a holistic experience that represents the entire employee lifecycle.

In order to elevate your employee experience, consider investing in an employee experience platform to transform your business practices and workplace culture.

What is an Employee Experience Platform?

An employee experience platform is technology designed to gather and track measurable insights on the entire employee experience.

Employee experience is a term that references how employees are hired, engaged, and retained throughout their entire lifecycle with a company.

As part of this effort, it’s common to focus on employee engagement by measuring eNPS scores and other cultural KPIs that provide insight on how employees feel about your company. But there’s so much more to the employee experience. Because the word “experience” encompasses the many facets of an organization’s culture and business processes, an employee experience platform helps capture data and information across it all.

Specifically, the vast reach of an employee experience platform allows it to incorporate information that supports stakeholders at every level:

  • Employees have everything they need to guide their own experience (like accessing their performance reviews, visualizing reporting structures, and managing OKRs).
  • Managers and business leaders can track data, analyze results, and improve the employee experience for all.

How an Employee Experience Platform Helps at Every Level

With almost half of full-time employees working remotely in 2021, it’s no surprise that companies are seeking digital employee experience platforms. But it’s not only because employees may be scattered across the country; a digital platform also ensures that all employees are supported and able to achieve their goals.

So how do these platforms help at every level?

For Executives

In most companies, executives and other C-suite leaders are responsible for organizing and implementing company plans. Their responsibilities are largely strategic, and bandwidth constraints don’t always allow time for digging through data or toggling through spreadsheets. Instead, leaders need a centralized location to view and analyze insights so they can strategize effectively and efficiently.

With ChartHop’s people analytics reporting, executives gain quick insights into employee experience data.

digital employee experience

With ChartHop’s people analytics reporting, executives gain quick insights into employee experience data.

With an employee experience platform, executives can instantly see what’s happening across the organization and access key KPIs. With metrics ready to go, these leaders can begin addressing goals, such as mitigating DEI gaps, maximizing progress toward growth metrics, and identifying learning and development opportunities – all backed by real company data.

In essence, an employee experience platform allows executives and other leaders to harness the numbers they need for data-driven decision-making.

For Team Leads and Functional Managers

Connecting with your team can be hard, especially in the age of hybrid and remote work. Accurately monitoring and assessing your team’s health can be even more challenging.

But when team leads and managers have the right tools, they are better equipped to engage their people, track their performance, and optimize their overall experiences.

employee experience platform for managers

Elevate your leadership with goals, performance data, templates, and planning all at your fingertips.

For example, with an all-in-one employee experience platform, managers can:

  • Welcome new employees to the team: When new hires join an organization, managers can offer the employee experience platform as an onboarding hub that stores company need-to-knows and personalized onboarding plans.
  • Streamline your headcount planning: Managers have the ability to visualize plans, create scenarios, and submit them for approval.
  • Track and measure performance: Managers can set their team’s OKRs and track progress accordingly.
  • Host more valuable 1:1s: As the advocate for their employees, it’s vital that managers communicate with their people honestly and often. Choosing a platform with customizable 1:1 forms makes it easy to host more valuable meetings, give bi-directional feedback, and collaborate together.
  • Conduct performance reviews: Managers can build a culture of feedback and learning with a 360 review process, all while ensuring fairness at every level.
  • Map your team: Managers can see where team members are located to plan team-building activities and learn more about their people.
  • Know your people: Everyone has different working styles, communication preferences, and personality types. An employee experience platform allows team members to create customized “About Me” profiles that go beyond names and titles, so managers can tailor their management styles and motivate their people more effectively.

Managing people from afar isn’t easy. But with the right platform, team leads can cultivate an employee experience that’s truly prosperous for their people.

For Individual Contributors

Finally, an employee experience platform empowers individual contributors to own their individual growth while contributing to the bigger picture.

ChartHop Employee Profile Tabs

ChartHop’s employee profile tabs serve as an individual’s personal data command center, providing essential information on performance and compensation history, OKRs/KPIs, and more.

Individually, a digital platform provides context that helps employees stay engaged and productive. This is key for accessing valuable company information like overarching business goals, reporting structures, and product roadmaps.

But more importantly, choosing an employee experience platform that provides transparency for all employees allows everyone to own their experiences. Consider how your employee experience and company culture would shift for the better if all people had access to:

  • Personalized performance plans
  • The company org chart
  • Job descriptions
  • Compensation packages
  • Learning and development completion rates

With an employee experience platform, individual contributors can help shape things like culture, corporate roadmapping, and more. By filling out eNPS surveys, completing company feedback forms, answering DEI questionnaires, and utilizing 1:1 forms with their managers, individuals can impact how a company grows and improves. Ultimately, their voices have a hand in shaping a successful employee experience for everyone.

One Simple Platform, Endless Opportunities

Employee engagement is important, but it’s only one part of a complex and comprehensive employee experience. Luckily, an employee experience platform like ChartHop can help everyone navigate its intricacies.

This means individual contributors have the tools they need to own their own experience while contributing to the bigger picture. It also allows team leads and executives to focus on making improvements and enhancing business initiatives as needed. An employee experience platform that accounts for all moving parts is necessary for cultivating an inclusive, equitable, and healthy experience for all.

Want to learn more about attracting and retaining top talent, as well as supporting employee well-being? The 2022 People Pioneers are here to give advice.


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