Introducing ChartHop HRIS: The HRIS Your Whole Company Will ❤️

Feb 14, 2024
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Ian White
Founder, CEO, and CTO

When I first built ChartHop, my mission was to create healthy transparency within organizations, so that all employees, from individual contributors to the CEO, could thrive.

We started with a new way of visualizing people data – democratizing it and making it accessible to the organization – and as we expanded our modules, adding Headcount Planning, Compensation Reviews, Performance, and Engagement, we stayed true to our vision of empowering everyone with data.

I've spent the last few years listening to the needs of HR, Finance, and Operational leaders, many of whom feel limited by their HRIS and would prefer to turn to ChartHop to meet those needs. Where they’ve found ChartHop to be flexible and somewhere their employees actually want to go to find information, they can’t say the same for their HRIS. Too often, the HRIS is an inflexible database that doesn't surface insight and can't adjust to their ongoing needs. Something employees dread logging into, and won't use unless they have to. And as workarounds for those limitations, they end up stitching together spreadsheets and disconnected systems.

We believe the world needs something better and different – a platform built for everyone in the organization to use (and love).

At last, we're so excited to launch ChartHop HRIS, the realization of our vision. Our new HRIS module brings your entire people data story together, in the way that works best for your organization.

How is ChartHop HRIS different?

Create a visual data story from your company data

Bring the entire history of your global organization together – from contractors to international employees, from retention risk scores to commission plans – all visualized like never before in dashboards, maps, and charts. Travel through time – past, present, and future scenarios. And move seamlessly from data to action, since ChartHop HRIS is tightly integrated with other modules like ChartHop Headcount Planning and ChartHop Engagement.

Configure your HRIS the way you need it

Every organization is as unique as the individuals in it. Customize your profiles and resource pages for your organization. Create custom Smart Calculations that surface any combination of data using ChartHop's powerful query language. Build Automated Actions by triggering workflows on any combination of events. If you can imagine it, you can configure it – and add functionality quickly, without expensive third party support.

Give every employee a great experience, with all the data they need at their fingertips, securely

With ChartHop's rich access roles, it's safe, fast, and even fun to collaborate and share data between Finance, execs, team leads and managers – without risking your sensitive information.

What does this mean for ChartHop customers?

Core platform functionality and key modules like Headcount Planning, Comp Planning, and Org Chart aren’t going anywhere. ChartHop HRIS is a natural evolution of our People Operations Platform – and a powerful new way to bring a modern HRIS to your entire organization.

When will ChartHop HRIS be unveiled?

We can’t wait to share more about our upcoming ChartHop HRIS module with details on the new capabilities and features. If you want to stay informed as we share more information, please sign up here.We will also be revealing ChartHop HRIS at Transform in Las Vegas, March 11 - 13. If you are planning on attending, please find us on the expo floor at booth #108.We can’t wait for you to try it. We know your whole company will love it.

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