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Centralize your people data with seamless integrations

Give your team the context they need to do their jobs faster and better.

Provide a single point of access for current and historical data to create data-informed strategy, without any manual work or human error.


Visualize your people data and finally see the full picture

Analyze everything from headcount by department to average compensation by gender to turnover by performance rating.

Leverage powerful visualizations including first-of-its-kind org chart reporting, maps for remote teams and robust, customizable reports.

Data is power - and visualizing it is now your catalyst for change.


Optimize your team with data-driven, strategic planning

Build the agile and adaptable organization the changing market demands.

Keep People, Finance, Recruiting and people managers aligned with one view of the future of your organization.

Now, everyone plans off the same platform and has the full context as they propose and review raises, promotions, org restructures, hiring plans and more. No spreadsheets required.

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