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30 Questions To Follow During Your 1:1s

Jul 11, 2021| Reading time: 3min

BY Alex Hilleary

Principal Content Marketing Manager

One of the best ways managers can empower their direct reports is by keeping communication lines open. Having regular 1:1s at work isn’t a luxury anymore. It’s a standard. And as a manager, you want to make sure to make the most of your 1:1s and ask the right questions.

We created the top 30 questions to ask your employees during your 1:1s. These questions cover all areas of the employee work-life, pulse check, team and company feedback, and goal-setting.

“Employees who have regular 1:1 meetings with managers are 3x more likely to be engaged.” Gallup, 2016

#1 Pulse Check Questions

1.How are you feeling this month?

2. How’s life outside of work?

3. What’s top of mind for you right now?

#2 Last Month’s Reflection

4. What was your biggest time waster?

5. What accomplishment would make you happy?

6. What was the biggest challenge this past month?

#3 Working Style

7. How could we help you be more productive?

8. Do you feel challenged at work?

9. What kind of work did you enjoy the most recently?

#4 Manager’s Feedback

10. Do I give you enough feedback?

11. Would you like more or less direction from me?

12. What could I have done differently to better support you?

#5 Personal development questions

13. What have you learned last month?

14. Where do you feel like you need to spend more time learning?

15. Is there anyone in the company you’d like to learn from/to be your mentor?

#6 Current projects

16. How are your projects going? What could we do to make them better?

17. Are there any projects you’d like to work on if you were given the opportunity?

18. Is any part of your project unclear or confusing?

#7 Long-term goals questions

19. Have you thought about your long-term goals recently? Why yes or why no?

20. Do you feel like you’re making progress on your big goals here?

21. What’s one thing we could do today to help you with your long-term goals?

#8 Team questions

22. Do you feel confident in how your team is progressing?

23. Who is kicking ass on the team?

24. Is there anything we can do to improve team dynamics?

#9 Company questions

25. How confident do you feel about where the company is going?

26. Is there something that isn’t entirely clear to you?

27. What’s not fun about working here, and how can we change that?

#10 Closing questions

28. Is there something you’d like to talk about that we did not cover?

29. What can I help you with between now and the next time we meet?

30. Is there anything you’d like to discuss next time?

1:1s are incredibly important, especially in the employee’s first 90 days. Read out checklist of questions to ask for each of your 30-60-90 check-ins to help set your team up for success.

Access the questions here

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