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Performance Management

Keep your finger on the pulse of performance


Performance management support from their first day to today — and beyond

Your employees work hard, so it shouldn’t be hard work to review and reward their performance. But it can be when your performance review process and assets are spread across different platforms. ChartHop simplifies the process, with everything you need in one secure, easy-to-use place — and extra tools to help shape your teams into the best they can be.

Keep all performance review material safe, secure, and accessible in one place
Give managers everything they need to conduct reviews
Ensure employees find reviews genuinely helpful, not just another obligation
Improve performance by empowering teams to course correct at any time
Analyze performance alongside compensation and tenure
Send automated Slack reminders for performance reviews and weekly 1:1s

Create truly productive annual performance reviews

Supercharge and simplify your annual review cycle with best practice templates to create fair and informed reviews, plus notifications and visual reminders to ensure that reviews are always completed to schedule.

Empower managers to be their best

Performance management is more than a one-and-done process. And we all have our good days and our bad days. Take into account each employee's strengths all year round when tackling your next review cycle.

Give employees the tools to succeed

Everyone loves surprises, but not when they happen during performance reviews. Boost accountability and help employees progress with a recorded history of performance discussions. Then save the surprises for a well-deserved spot bonus.


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