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Announcing ChartHop’s new partnership with HR industry leader Sequoia

Feb 17, 2021| Reading time: 5min

BY ChartHop

Our team at ChartHop is so excited to announce our partnership with Sequoia Consulting Group.

Sequoia has a 20 year record of offering strategic value to their customers to help them manage their most important asset – their people. By leveraging modern technologies with human guidance, their HR business partners enable organizations to stay on the cutting edge of innovation in an increasingly competitive market.

With ChartHop’s newest integration with the Sequoia People Platform, Sequoia One PEO clients will have a simple and powerful way to make strategic and data-driven organizational planning decisions.

Capturing and centralizing their people data in ChartHop gives Sequoia clients the ability to:

  • Visualize their organization’s headcount, compensation, gender & ethnicity breakdown, location, and more!
  • Create open roles, propose promotions, and restructure teams.
  • Analyze trends to understand the organization’s evolution over time.

High-growth companies and distributed workforces alike will benefit from data-driven insights and human guidance to chart out their future growth, advance through the milestones ahead, and reap the benefits from their most important investment – their people.

Connecting people and data

People are a company’s most valuable asset. When business and HR leaders have clarity on how their org’s people data – like drivers for employee engagement, productivity, and happiness – impacts business goals and objectives, they can create plans that empower their people to do their best work.

ChartHop now integrates with the Sequoia People Platform and existing people tools, providing HR and business leaders a way to visualize the critical information they need to know about their team.

ChartHop integrates with Sequoia

“In today’s increasingly distributed environment, our clients need simple solutions to access their people data in one place,” said Greg Golub, CEO of Sequoia. “Our partnership with ChartHop provides even greater visibility into the insights and data leaders need to understand their people data and make critical business decisions.”

Sequoia One’s team of experienced consultants will help Sequoia One clients expertly manage employer programs for their distributed workforce.

With ChartHop, Sequoia’s HR business partners have an additional tool in their arsenal that allows them to analyze visually rich, real-time people insights – all in one place.

Data-driven insights at their fingertips

Data drives insights, and insights drive action.

Yet, when working across spreadsheets and PowerPoint, some of the most valuable insights can get lost in the shuffle of manual work and human error.

Using ChartHop’s robust org management tools, Sequoia One’s team of experienced consultants has everything they need to propel and protect their business growth from day one.

With data at their fingertips, Sequoia’s HR business partners can provide tailored guidance to help leaders make informed decisions from headcount and compensation planning to org design and DEI strategy & reporting. That means faster insights and more decisive action.

“Even Financial is a fast growing company led by professionals that need data and analytics at their fingertips in order to make informed business and people decisions,” said Kyle Roberts, Chief People Officer for Even. “The integration of Sequoia’s People Platform with ChartHop enables effective strategic workforce planning that directly translates into value for our shareholders.”

Headcount Planning impact on budget

As Sequoia One PEO customers create plans in ChartHop, they can see the impact on budget in real time. This ensures that they’re always making the right decisions for their people and their budget.

Plan for anything

With ChartHop scenarios, they can align plans to future business scenarios, enabling them to adapt their plans to any sudden changes.

ChartHop scenarios prepare businesses for the unexpected

“To plan for the future, orgs first need to know where they stand” said Ian White, CEO of ChartHop. “This new partnership will provide Sequoia clients with the context, tools and strategies they need to align their people plans to virtually any future business outcome.”

As this past year taught us, we need to be ready for anything. Proactive planning ensures that businesses are able to weather any storm. For example, ChartHop users can align headcount plans to potential new product launches, or to anticipated budgets.

Putting people first

When HR and business leaders are able to take a proactive and data-driven approach to planning and organizational design, they can more mindfully support a workforce that drives big wins for their business.

ChartHop will be included in the Sequoia People Platform for Sequoia One PEO clients in Spring 2021. Kindly address any questions to [email protected].

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