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Introducing ChartHop Basic: Extending the Power of People Analytics to Companies of Any Size

May 4, 2022| Reading time: 2min

BY Ian White

Founder, CEO, and CTO

Today we announced a milestone launch: ChartHop Basic — a free experience, designed for everyone.

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ChartHop Basic is for teams of any size that need to visualize their people while helping employees feel connected.

It includes many of our customers’ favorite features that help teams stay in sync, including:

  • Dynamic org chart and data sheet with filters and timeline view
  • Map for your distributed or hybrid team
  • Employee directory, including “About Me” employee profiles
  • Manager and employee views of total compensation
  • Automatic 1:1 manager check-ins with Slack reminders
  • Slack announcements for birthdays and anniversaries

You can get started in minutes by syncing directly with your payroll system or importing your data via spreadsheet.

And it’s free for companies under 150 employees, to every employee in the company. (And we kept it budget-friendly for companies over 150 people.)


Why ChartHop Basic?

Every organization, big and small, needs a holistic way to view and understand their organization.

We’re on a mission to build transparency in every organization, and that starts with who is in your company, who they are as people, and where they fit within the organization.

We want to support every business on the planet to become a more informed, transparent version of themselves. It’s increasingly critical to understand your organization, because the success and well-being of your employees is the health of your business.

But even more so, it’s about empowering everyone, from the CEO to individual contributors and everyone in between, with information to drive positive change.

And, for the people leaders who are making sense of the emerging new future of work, we want to give all of you a vision of what is possible.

What’s next? 

We’re just getting started! In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out even more features to help our customers transform the way they manage and support their people.

Let’s grow together!

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