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August 2022 Product Updates: Comp Reviews + Workday Adaptive Planning

Aug 24, 2022

BY ChartHop

Your organization is unique, which means your compensation management and reviews are too. ChartHop equips your managers, executives, and Finance team with the power to make more equitable decisions for your workforce. This month’s product updates are focused on how you can build tailored compensation reviews and streamline cost planning and reporting with support for Workday Adaptive Planning.

Compensation Reviews Reinvented

ChartHop’s Compensation Reviews reinvents the way organizations centralize and visualize their people data. With the latest update, you can make more informed and equitable compensation decisions by easily building and collaborating on comp review cycles based on your organization’s unique needs. 

With ChartHop’s Compensation Reviews, you’ll be able to:  

  • Build compensation reviews tailored to your organization, including multiple budget pools, configurable approval workflows, and recommended guidelines for managers.
  • Centralize and visualize your people and comp data, such as performance ratings, equity, compensation, salary history, salary bands, and vesting schedules, so that managers and merit planners can make more equitable, informed, and secure decisions quickly. 
  • Configure compensation bands with different currencies that include base, variable, or equity and tailor them by department, geography, or other categories that best reflect your organization.
  • Empower Finance teams by sending current compensation data and comp scenarios created in ChartHop to Workday Adaptive Planning.

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Introducing Support for Workday Adaptive Planning

ChartHop now supports Workday Adaptive Planning users by enhancing cost planning, budgeting, and reporting. ChartHop empowers People leaders, Finance teams, and managers to manage and plan their organization collaboratively by providing a single, centralized place to view all people data

With ChartHop’s Support for Workday Adaptive Planning, you’ll be able to:  

  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry and data reconciliation by automatically making ChartHop data available to use in Workday Adaptive Planning via our built-in connection. 
  • Easily view real-time headcount and compensation data from ChartHop in Workday Adaptive Planning, like planned start dates and target base comp for Open Jobs and actual start dates and compensation data for Filled Jobs.
  • Quickly and accurately track how your company is operating versus budget and report on the financial impact of headcount and comp changes being made and proposed in ChartHop.

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Check out our support documentation on Workday Adaptive Planning to access more details on this release.

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