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Compensation Management

For a totally rewarding comp cycle


Compensation without compromise: fair, simple, and secure

Make smarter, fairer compensation decisions by giving your leadership team full visibility into current and historical payroll and equity compensation for each employee. Then learn more when you filter compensation by demographic data, performance, tenure, and pay bands.

Streamline the compensation review process with workflows and approvals
Track total compensation for each employee in a single place
Provide managers with clear guidelines and best practices for compensation adjustments
Empower team members with their own compensation and progress dashboard
Review compensation alongside factors like performance, tenure, location and DEI data
Create compensation bands by job, job family, and location

Keep everything in one secure location

No matter where your information is stored, ChartHop allows you to view base, bonus, and equity compensation data in one secure platform with up to 15 levels of access controls — infinitely safer than emailing a spreadsheet.

Compensate quicker with absolute clarity

Making decisions has never been this easy. With clearly defined and data-based eligibility rules as well as guidelines and benchmarks to meet, managers are empowered to take action on compensation decisions quickly and confidently.

Embed equity in every decision

All’s fair in compensation and management with ChartHop. Analyze factors including gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation while evaluating compensation history to foster equitable practices.

ChartHop allows for a time series view of our workforce and easily allows leaders to see how company resourcing needs change over time…its many integrations provide a holistic understanding of our workforce’s compensation and benefits in one centralized repository.



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