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Streamline planning and recruiting with new Greenhouse integration

Jul 15, 2020| Reading time: 5min

BY ChartHop

ChartHop centralizes all of your people data from your HR tools to become your system of record. It then layers on top visualization and reporting features that help you analyze and track your organization’s evolution over time.

This all comes together in the first-of-it’s-kind scenario planning platform, where you can use all of this data to create plans for the future, with context.

These plans can be annual headcount plans, ad-hoc headcount requests, compensation plans, team restructures, succession plans and even M&A integrations plans.

Building plans in ChartHop

  • allows your managers to iterate and collaborate on their plans
  • allows HR and finance to build robust approval workflows that scale and
  • ensures visibility across your people, finance, recruiting team and managers

With the new ChartHop + Greenhouse integration, you can then take those plans and put them into action. Set up the ChartHop + Greenhouse integration by following the instructions here or check out the step by step on YouTube.

Building your hiring plan

When building any hiring plan, you want to ensure leaders have what they need to make data-informed decisions. Usually that means exporting data and making personalized copies for each manager.

Not anymore.

Now, all of the context your leaders need to plan is within ChartHop – tenure, compensation, performance ratings, skills, etc. And it’s all access controlled to ensure no one sees anything they shouldn’t.

ChartHop org chart highlighted by tenure, performance ratings, direct reports, etc.

This is a sample organization’s org chart highlighted by tenure, performance ratings, direct reports, etc.

Plans are built within Scenarios, a sandbox environment where you can propose changes to the organization, without making changes to the official (or Primary) plan.

Changes that are proposed in Scenarios are tracked by ChartHop and are only put into action when the Scenario is merged into the Primary plan.

For every new headcount request, managers define the title, reporting structure and compensation, all within context of their current organization.

Beyond that – they can specify the recruiting status, recruiting priority, the sensitivity (meaning who can know this role is open), the target start date, hiring manager, the recruiter, & more.

As managers work through the plan, they can collaborate with others, get feedback, and get approvals from HR and Finance. Once approved, the plan gets merged into the Primary plan.

Putting your hiring plan to action

Once plans are approved- there are two ways to put them into action using the Greenhouse integration.

  1. Within the Scenario, set the recruiting status to Active within the roles you want to start recruiting for right away. As soon as this plan is merged into the Primary plan, these roles will automatically open jobs in greenhouse.
  2. For those roles you’re not ready to start recruiting for right away, set the recruiting status as Inactive. After the plan is merged into the Primary, you’ll be able to set the recruiting status to Active from there and automatically open the jobs in greenhouse.

Setting a role to active

Greenhouse will get all the relevant information about the role so your recruiting team can get to work right away. In ChartHop, you’ll also see a link to the Greenhouse Job so you can easily navigate back and forth between the pages.

Data sheet with ChartHop IDs

If plans change, you can easily manage that from ChartHop as well. Simply take the open role from Active to Inactive and the Job will then be removed from the Job page.

Align team with reports

This integration will also give you and your managers visibility into the recruiting data for each role and in aggregate – ensuring everyone is on the same page.

You’ll be able to create reports for the number of roles open, candidates and offers. This data can then be broken down across departments, locations and more.

Sample report on number of offers by department

Streamline planning and recruiting

We’re so excited to help you streamline your planning and recruiting processes. If you have any questions or want to learn more about ChartHop, check out our website or reach out to [email protected].

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