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June 2022 Product Updates: App Install + Sync History

Jun 22, 2022

BY ChartHop

Centralizing people data is crucial to making decisions quickly and efficiently. ChartHop does just that by syncing data from apps across your HR tech stack into a centralized dashboard. With this dashboard, you can access a full picture of your app and sync information while also ensuring data quality. This month’s product updates are focused on streamlining the way you configure, manage, and monitor your apps and data syncs.

Easy App Install

Introducing Easy App Install & Configuration

ChartHop offers integrations with your existing HR apps to help you smoothly transition people and financial data to and from your platform. Our new app installation journey allows you to seamlessly view, install, and manage your payroll apps in ChartHop with just a few clicks.


With ChartHop’s Easy App Install & Configuration, you’ll be able to:

  • Follow an intuitive step-by-step wizard to install and configure apps
  • Use a simplified on/off Auto Sync Option 
  • Easily understand and resolve installation and configuration issues with full visibility into the installation status

How to Get Started 

Check out our support documentation on Easy App Install & Configuration to access more details on this release.


Introducing Sync History

Sync history

Sync History was designed with you in mind. Having sync history data at your fingertips gives you full visibility into the quality of your data at any given time, such as quickly discovering if any errors have occurred during the sync and understanding where the data is coming from. With the ability to rerun any syncs that have failed with the click of a button, you can quickly resolve data quality issues on your own. 


With ChartHop’s Sync History page, you’ll be able to:

  • Know when each sync was completed
  • Determine whether a Payroll sync was automatic or manual
  • Discover if any completed syncs have errors
  • Identify what data is coming over from the source system and if a sync has failed due to bad credentials
  • See if any syncs are currently in progress
  • Learn how long each sync took to complete
  • View your app sync history for any selected calendar period


How to Get Started

Check out our support documentation on Sync History to access more details on this release.

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