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June 2023 Product Roundup: Save and Share Columns, Add Configurable URLs to Comp Cycles, and Create New Compensation Band Views

Jun 29, 2023| Reading time: 2min

BY ChartHop

When you’re working on company-wide planning initiatives, it’s important for everyone involved to be on the same page. This month, we’ve added new ways for organizations to stay aligned throughout their headcount and compensation planning cycles. These product improvements deliver a more seamless and data-rich product experience for our users. 

Save Columns for Specific Scenarios

When you’re collaborating with your team on complex headcount plans, it’s critical that everyone viewing a Scenario sees the same information. Owners of a Scenario can now “save columns” after adding, moving, or changing columns in the Scenarios changes tab, which maintains that view for all users shared on the scenario. We know how critical it is to share the correct context for headcount plans, and this update ensures that everyone can easily surface the right data for planning at any time.

Add External URLs to Comp Cycles

ChartHop add external URLs to compensation cycles

While the majority of your compensation cycle can take place in ChartHop, certain critical documentation, such as your organization’s compensation philosophy, may exist elsewhere. 

To ensure that all compensation planners have access to that information, we’ve added a new configuration option in the Reviewer Workbook setup that allows Owners to set a custom URL and label that links to information outside of ChartHop. Linking to your internal documentation empowers planners to quickly and easily consult information needed to make fair and equitable compensation decisions. 

New Compensation Band Views

Having compensation bands built into ChartHop enables good hiring practices and supports fair pay – both of which contribute to talent retention. This month, we’re helping increase transparency in your organization by adding the ability to share compensation bands beyond just Owners and Technical Owners. This change allows relevant stakeholders, such as department heads and recruiters, to access compensation bands that are relevant to them, ensuring everyone has the information they need to be successful in their role. 

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