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ChartHop named to 2021 Enterprise Tech 30 List

Feb 24, 2021| Reading time: 4min

BY ChartHop

We’re excited to announce that ChartHop has been named to this year’s Enterprise Tech 30 list.

The Enterprise Tech 30 by Wing Venture Capital highlights the private companies in enterprise technology that have the most potential to tectonically shift how tech enterprises operate for the better. The list, which includes iconic companies like Airtable, Stripe and Canva, is curated through research within the venture capital and corporate development communities and is voted on by leading venture capitalists in the sector. 

From the over 15,000 venture-backed enterprise tech companies in consideration, ChartHop ranked #7 in the Early-Stage category! 

Data is driving the future of work

With companies shifting to remote-first and hybrid workforces built on data, ChartHop is leading the way. 

ChartHop is the only people platform of its kind. The platform enables users to not only integrate and centralize people data from their existing HR tech stack, but also primes the data for custom insights and action.

To thrive in virtually any context, companies need access to comprehensive people data that provides the essential information business leaders need to plan their future growth, support major milestones throughout the employee experience, and develop cutting edge products and services.  

ChartHop integrates with your HR tech stack

“This past year has amplified the importance of transparency, context, and inclusivity in driving strategic decision-making,” said ChartHop CEO and Founder, Ian White. “I’m so proud that ChartHop has been recognized as part of this year’s Enterprise Tech 30 List and am excited to continue growing a people system that powers the most successful organizations in the world.” 

Innovating in good company 

We’re joined by an elite group of startups – ranging from early to late stage. Many of this year’s inductees focus on improving how we work, particularly due to the unprecedented shift to remote over the past year. 

“I am excited to release the 3rd annual Enterprise Tech 30 list. It has always been our mission at Wing to shine a light on what is happening in the enterprise technology sector, what trends are shaping the industry, and the companies driving those trends,” said Peter Wagner, Founding Partner at Wing Venture Capital. “It’s important to identify the next generation of companies, not just the ones that are dominating the headlines.” 

ChartHop is changing the future of the Modern Enterprise through our use of:

  • Data as a core function of the enterprise. 
  • Redesigning headcount planning, compensation planning, and core HR business processes. 
  • Low-code developer mindset. 

“Innovation in the Enterprise is being driven by startups. The Enterprise Tech 30 shines a light and celebrates the companies truly driving that innovation,” said Rajeev Chand, Partner and Head of Research at Wing Venture Capital. 

We’re hoppy to be sharing this accomplishment with some of our customers, like Zapier, Figma, and Confluent!

Below is a list of this year’s inductees. 

2021 Enterprise Tech 30 list of inductees

Making org management a household concept

ChartHop was founded on the principle that transparency and context enable people to do their best work. Org management plays a powerful role in enabling your employee’s understanding of how their work contributes to the larger whole, and how their goals feed into company goals.

When business leaders power their orgs with reliable data systems, they gain a better understanding of their org’s past and present and can more intentionally plan for its future.  

Thanks to all our friends, partners, and customers for hopping along with us on this exciting journey!

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