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7 reports to help you uncover gender disparities

Mar 8, 2021| Reading time: 4min

BY ChartHop

Despite the many advances we’ve made over the decades in achieving greater women’s representation in the workforce, we still have a long way to go. Women’s wages, ownership, and representation still lag behind men.

At ChartHop, we believe being able to visualize your data empowers you take action. As organizations continue to emphasize and prioritize gender pay parity, having accessible data can make all of the difference.

As Biz Carson states in Protocol:

People are already a company’s most important resource, and firms already spend millions on resource planning or trying to figure out if they have pay equity issues or gender gap issues, said Aileen Lee, the founder of Cowboy Ventures and backer of ChartHop. “Now there will be no excuse because the data is sitting there and you can push a button and do it,” she said.

In honor of International Women’s History Month, we’re sharing our top 7 people analytics reports to help you uncover and act on potential gender disparities within your organization.

You’ll notice that all of these reports show trends over time vs. at a point in time. This is because as the world continues to work toward full gender parity, we believe organizations should celebrate where they are today AND how far they’ve come.

1. Headcount by Gender

This seems really easy to answer org-wide, but is it? What happens when you start asking for the breakdown by department? by manager? by location?

ChartHop headcount by gender

2. Turnover by Gender

You can filter this by department, manager, tenure, level & more! What can this report tell you?

ChartHop Turnover Rate by Gender

3. Percent Female by Level

Look at every level of your organization (we’ve simplified it here to include IC, Leadership & managers), what percent are women? How might knowing this affect your hiring and internal development strategies?

ChartHop people analytics reporting women's representation by level

4. Average Compensation by Gender

Do you know how full comp (including base, variable AND equity) differs by gender? Most companies know how one of these (usually base) compares across genders, but not how all of them compare together.

ChartHop People Analytics Average Compensation by Gender

5. New Hires by Gender

Now, let’s look at new hires by gender. How can seeing this by manager or department inform your recruiting strategy?

ChartHop People Analytics New Hires by Gender

Your data may uncover significant bias in your recruitment pipeline. When leveraged intentionally, data can inform who on your team gets trained and in what areas. For example, if you find that women’s resumes are being filtered out by recruiters, you can create a plan to address it.

6 blind hiring techniques to promote diversity

Blind hiring can be a great way to reduce implicit bias during the recruitment process. (Source)

6. Managers by Gender

How might seeing managers by gender by department, executive leader or location inform your retention, training and internal mobility strategies?

ChartHop People Analytics Managers by Gender

7. Org Chart Gender Evolution

And last but not least, the org chart gender evolution. We love this because it can bring to light the lack of women in leadership, any gender imbalance in teams and gender differences in span of control.

ChartHop Org Chart Gender Evolution

We’re excited to share these visualizations with you and help you uncover any potential gender disparities in your organization. ChartHop customers can add any of these as a reporting bundle to ChartHop, reach out to [email protected]!

Want to start collecting and driving action from your org’s DEI metrics but don’t know where to start? Download our guide to DEI reporting.

It’s time to spend less time collecting data and more time acting on it.

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